Everything Everywhere All At Once sweeps the SAG Awards


The Oscar countdown began, while the closing of the so-called “Awards Season” also began. The same will be, with its delivery, on March 12.

One of the great favorites to take the Best Picture statuette is, without a doubt, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” (“Everything everywhere at the same time”), which literally swept the recent awards ceremony of the Actors Guild (SAG Awards).

The production won four statuettes –of the five it aspired to-, including the most relevant, the one for the best cast.

One of its members, actor James Hong, at 94, went up to receive the award and recalled that although his first film was with Clark Gable, “different producers told me that Asians could not play good roles.”

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” is directed by daniel kwan and Daniel Scheinert (known as “Los Daniels” is the great favorite for the Oscars and will arrive in Venezuelan theaters next week.


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