For lovers of suspense, the premieres continue with “Los extraños” (“The Strays”). The new movie will take your breath away and make you not want to turn off the lights.

The British film marks the directorial debut of Nathaniel Martello-White, who also wrote the screenplay. The film is inspired by a real life story.

The film arrived on the platform on February 22. The film tells how the perfect life of Neve (Ashley Madekwe), an upper-middle-class woman, begins to fall apart after the arrival of two strangers in her quiet community. When the protagonist begins to doubt her sanity, she goes to her family and friends for help, but they refuse to believe her.

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What is it about?

According to the official synopsis: “A light-skinned black woman, struggling among the London working class, abruptly flees from her problems. Eighteen years later, she lives the perfect life in a fancy city with a husband and two children. Her accent, her name, and her hair are now different, and she strives to make it as comfortable as possible for her and her family to live.

But the facade begins to crack: She keeps seeing two people in her neighborhood, whom she is convinced are not from there. The threatening sightings push her to her wits’ end. But who are they?”

Other protagonists.

The cast of “The Strangers” is joined by Jorden Myrie, who gives life to Marvin, a school janitor who forms a friendship with Sebastián, Neve’s son. He is known for his participation in “Game of Thrones”, “So Awkward” and “The Nest”.

Bukky Bakray, gets into the skin of Abigail, who infiltrates the life of the protagonist after getting a job for her husband and becoming friends with Mary, her daughter.

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race and gender

The horror tape hides a message about social problems such as race and gender.

Martello-White said that the script is inspired by a true story that he once heard, although he wanted to incorporate other aspects around this situation that can happen to anyone.

“It was about a woman who was essentially in denial about the fact that she had two black children. She also had two children, who were very light-skinned and almost white, and this woman was biracial. And I was really struck by the kind of intricacies of that, like, what would make someone feel like she had to erase the past from her and deny it,” she noted in an interview with Radio Times.

His mother was the one who had told him the case, although there were not so many details. Therefore, she resorted to this plot to communicate an even deeper message.

Photo: Netflix

“Get Out”

The writer also mentioned that he was inspired by Jordan Peele’s film, “Get Out”, which used the horror genre to tell a story about racial issues.

“Somehow I came away from that experience (see ‘Get Out’) thinking that it had to be something really personal that explored race in a really complex way. But it also had a genre element that made it more universal and far-reaching,” he added.


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