It’s time to go! Recently, Square Enix has announced some very happy news! that is Engage Kill RPG game from the project Engage Kiss It was officially available on both Android and iOS on the Japanese store.

For those who are interested, they can go into more details of the game at the link store.

Engage Kill game system (Information of the game Translated and compiled from Qoo-app)

Engage Kill as part of a multimedia project Project Engage The story takes place several months after the events of Engage Kiss in a world where D-Hazards Occupy The player takes on the role of a member of the PMC that was hired to deal with D-Hazards Fight alongside allies and ordered them to fight.

There will also be a “Break” system in the game when fighting bosses. The boss in the game will have a high life value. And when the player deals damage to them, the boss’s Break gauge is also reduced. The boss will receive even more damage!

In addition, within the game there will be a timeline system that shows which characters will act before or after which characters. which during the fight Each character will be able to perform basic attacks. rescue skills and ultimate attacks

And the characters in that game also have a relationship system. That allows players to unlock the story of the character. Increase their stat bonuses, earn items, badges, and even get a Secret Voice that you can listen to from their profile page. Character-specific stories will emerge as you develop a relationship with them. Allows you to know more about your favorite characters from the series. old and new

More information about the game

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