Enako Net Worth 2023: Japanese cosplayer Earns $1.5 Million A Year: It’s no secret that Enako, the most popular and in-demand cosplayer in Japan, earns a lot of money from her career, and has publicly stated on several occasions that she earns more than 100 million yen (about $764,000) annually from cosplay and other related activities. However, that number was broken this week when her rep revealed that Enako actually gets more than 200 million yen (about $1.52 million). Follow More Updates On MangaManhwa.Org

Enako Net Worth

Enako Net Worth 2023

During the program “ Uramayo! Popular Celebrities (Secret) One After Another Reveal Their True Face, New Year’s 2-Hour Special! On January 2, Enako and her manager shared the latest gossip about the cosplayer-turned-idol-turned-model.

Panelists bluntly asked the popular cosplayer how she spends her 100 million yen a year, and famous Japanese actor Tomio Umezawa said that he spends that amount on outfits for his theater company. Enako replied that she does, that she spends money on clothes, but that she actually has no idea how much is in her bank account because her manager keeps track of her accounts.

Enako’s manager goes on to say that he ” takes care of her like a mother so she doesn’t forget to pay her taxes and so on .” The host of the show retorts by asking the manager if he thinks he could get away with taking 1 million yen a month out of her account without Enako noticing her at all. The manager replies “ no, of course not ”, because Enako earns 200 million yen a year, but she splits it 50/50 with the talent agency that represents her, leaving a paper trail.

Other panelists on the show agreed that Enako’s manager is trustworthy because he is a “transparent person. “


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