Rome – After Giorgia Meloni at Palazzo Chigi, the centre-left has also decided to rely on a woman. Elly Schlein, with 53% of the votes, defeated Stefano Bonaccini in the primaries, becoming secretary of the Democratic Party. It is the first time in history that a woman holds the most prestigious position in the Democratic Party.

At 38, Schlein becomes the youngest secretary in the history of the Nazarene, beating Matteo Renzi’s record (39 years old). “We will be a problem for the Meloni government” Schlein said from her committee headquarters in Rome, visibly moved and moved.

There was certainly no shortage of twists. According to data released by the National Commission of the Democratic Party, Stefano Bonaccini swept the vote of the Democratic Party circles obtaining 52.87%, far ahead of Schlein which did not go beyond 34.88%. It should be noted that voting in clubs was limited to members of the Democratic Party, while the primaries that took place in the past few hours allowed all voters to be able to cast their vote: more than 1 million citizens went to the gazebos.

However, it had never happened that a primary vote overturned that of the clubs, which is why the victory of the governor of Emilia Romagna was expected. But politics never ceases to give surprises, and Elly Schlein’s victory is yet another demonstration. To make it official, even before the end of the complete counting, was Bonaccini himself who called her to congratulate her.

Elly Schlein got it in the province of Rome 65.8%, equal to 13924 votes, while Bonaccini did not go beyond 34.2%, or 7224 votes. The data was released by the Roman Democratic Party.

The new secretary also did very well in province of Latina: according to data from the local Democratic Party, Schlein in fact obtained 3,397 votes, almost 56%, ahead of Bonaccini who is still at 2,688, i.e. 44%. Excellent result also in province of Rieti with 54% of the votes, surpassing Bonaccini with 46%.

Instead, the governor won in the province of Viterbo, according to data released by the Viterbo Democratic Party. Bonaccini obtained 5023 votes, equal to 64.8%, while Schlein stopped at 2735 votes, 35.3% An excellent result for Bonaccini also in the province of Frosinone with 5394 votes (59.18%) while Schlein obtained 3720 (40.82%), as disseminated by the local Democratic Party.

“The democratic people is alive, there and is ready to get up with a clear line”. His voice breaking with emotion, Schlein celebrated: “We did it, together we made a small big revolutionthey didn’t see us coming this time either.”

“It won’t be an easy journey, but all together we will make it”, she told her supporters who gathered at the committee on Prenestina and who welcomed her with cheering and almost incredulous shouts. “Thank you, I have met people who have said to me, what did you make me do? I hadn’t had a card for 30 years, ”said the dem secretary. “Thanks to every single committee, it’s your victory. The most credible face of change was not me but all of you” said Schlein underlining: “My commitment is to be everyone’s secretary”.

The new secretary has therefore traced a programmatic line of her mandate: “The priorities are the fight against all forms of inequality, the right to decent work, the need to tackle the climate emergency as a matter of urgency. We need to rebuild trust where she’s broken. We must begin – she specified – by defending the dignity of work; public school, at a time when the government is silent in the face of squad attacks in front of schools. We will build barricades against any cuts in universal public health. We will stand by the side – he added – of those who fight for climate justice, alongside social justice. We will work for a true, profound ecological conversion. We will not rest until we have placed a limit on precariousness. We will be a big problem for the Meloni government” he concluded.


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