El Salvador: defenders of rights, mega-prison Tecoluca is a concentration camp


SAO PAULO, FEBRUARY 26 – Human rights defenders criticize the new mega-penitentiary of Tecoluca, in Salvador, assimilating it to a concentration camp, both for the high number of people who will be locked up there and because they will be deprived of any rights . Elsalvador.com reports it online. The outcry over the largest prison in Latin America and among the largest in the world comes after the announcement by President Nayib Bukele of the arrival of two thousand prisoners in the prison and above all after the diffusion of images of the transfer, which are becoming viral. 40,000 of the over 64,000 inmates arrested under the state of emergency, in force since March 2022, declared by the Executive for the fight against criminal gangs, are destined for the facility. The mega-prison, called Terrorism Relegation Center (CECOT), will have a security device with 19 guard towers and fences electrified at 15,000 volts, supplemented by 600 army and 250 national police units. (HANDLE).



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