El Pinar tank offers more water to Caracas


The Hidrocapital company completed the interconnection works of the El Pinar tank, in Caracas, through which they will improve the supply of drinking water in some sectors of the Capital District and Miranda state.

The work was carried out by the hydrological company in conjunction with the Ministry for Water Attention, as well as the workers of the metropolitan aqueduct and Valles del Tuy, who were in charge of executing the work for the interconnection of the Tuy III to Tuy I system.

The tank, located on Guzmán Blanco avenue in El Paraíso, has a storage capacity of 22,100 cubic meters of water, with which it is expected to supply the vital liquid to 103,000 families in the city, Hidrocapital said in a press release.

Sectors benefited. The water company specified that in the Libertador municipality the parishes benefit from the work: El Recreo, San Bernardino, San Agustín, Santa Rosalía, Candelaria, San Pedro, El Paraíso, El Valle and La Vega.

In this sense, among the sectors that are favored in the capital are: Deyber, El Pinar, Estadio Nacional, La Montaña, La Paz, Los Laureles, Neverí and Washington, La Florida, Bello Monte, Las Delicias, Los Caobos, Maripérez , Plaza Venezuela, El Conde, San Agustín del Norte and del Sur, Candelaria Sur, San Antonio, San Luis, La Bandera, Vuelta El Beso, Bello Monte and La Campiña.

On the other hand, in Miranda, water will be guaranteed for the Lower Country Club and El Bosque in the Chacao municipality, while in Baruta in: Cerro Quintero, Colinas de Bello Monte and Las Mercedes.

Taguaza List

Hidrocapital informed the residents of the Acevedo, Plaza and Zamora municipalities of Miranda state that the repair in the Taguaza adduction was completed successfully, as posted by the company on the social network Twitter.


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