El Barrio and Rayo de Barcelona have a direct confrontation for their fourth victory

great match between Adri Contreras and Spursito. A super exciting matchup between two teams with three wins. There are six teams tied with that result in the kings league and whoever wins here will have a good advantage over the rest.

Another party that, at least in theory, could have president penalty. Adri has missed the two shots that he has executed and has already talked about how bad he has the days before and when he misses it. Spursito has thrown it once and has scored.

Both El Barrio and Rayo de Barcelona need this victory or they could fall to the bottom table and complicate the final stretch of the season.

player 12

The neighborhood repeat with Martin Mantovani, Argentine player nationalized in Italy. He has gone through the youth ranks of Atlético de Madrid, CD Leganés and Las Palmas.

barcelona lightning count on again Didac Vilahis player 12 so recurring.

Secret weapon

  • The Neighborhood: Card Theft
  • Barcelona Lightning: One less player

Summary of El Barrio vs Rayo de Barcelona

The Neighborhood x -x Ray of Barcelona

First part:

  • Spursito’s team (Rayo de Barcelona) wins the central kick.
  • Min 3: GOOOOOOOOOL from Ubón to overtake El Barrio (1-0).
  • Min 4: Both teams draw their cards.
  • Min 5: El Barrio is being superior to Rayo de Barcelona with many opportunities.

Second part:

Other matches of day 8 of the Kings League


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