Today (February 27), Police Capt. Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, Acting candidate for the House of Representatives (MP) Khlong Toei-Wattana District. Democrat Talking about running on behalf of the Democratic Party that The Democrat Party is a party that has a long understanding and connection with the Bangkok area. Whether it has a Bangkok Metropolitan Council (Sor.Khor.), Councilors of Bangkok (Sor.Kor.), Members of the House of Representatives (S.S.S.) and the Governor of Bangkok. Including being a political institution where the party gives people the opportunity to speak and listen to everything. Because the Democrat Party is truly an ownerless party. And many things take time to resolve. Therefore, if entering the political field through a special party Many things may have trouble pushing. He was therefore confident that the Democrat Party would help push forward various policies.


When asked by reporters, Pol. Gen. Asawin Kwanmuang, the father who went to join the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party Is it related to the placement of candidates? Police Capt. Pongsakorn denied that it was not related. The Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party has another political ideology. Both he and his father had different political views and beliefs. But both of them already want to make the country better. ready to admit Father has persuaded him to join the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party several times. But he explained the reason and understood each other. Lt. Col. Pongsakorn emphasized that it was not an enemy but a political competition that he wanted to present He is just one of the options in the Khlong Toei-Wattana area. So he had to be very diligent. to be a good choice for the public Ready to reveal that There are many political parties. Both polar opposites, 2 out of 3 persuaded to participate.


For confidence in the Khlong Toei-Wattana area Acknowledge that it is a district with very famous candidates such as Koranit Ngamsukhonrattana. Bhumjaithai Party Candidate who has been in the area for a long time and has never lost an election or a state constituency, Lao Thammathat as a candidate for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, who has high potential Including candidates from the Pheu Thai Party, Kao Klai Party, which he was not confident that he would win the election. but is confident that he will do his best for the benefit of the people


As for being a son of Pol. Gen. Asawin, would it be an advantage or not? He considers it irrelevant. because his father was in the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party But my father advised me to be more diligent than others. because he is a new politician does not have a higher political experience than others Father wants him to be successful. But you still have to help the Ruam Thai Party build the nation.


Police Capt. Pongsakorn also revealed that The reason for deciding to run for election with the Democrat Party because Abhisit Vejjajiva, former leader of the Democrat Party played a part in helping to make this decision Because Abhisit is someone whom he respects very much since childhood. and have consulted and discussed all along and may have to bother asking Abhisit for advice But about the campaign, he was not sure.


When asked about confidence in the Democrat Party’s trend, Lt. Col. Pongsakorn stated that the last election The Democrat Party doesn’t have any MPs in Bangkok, so it doesn’t have any advantage. Including the party trend that is disadvantaged by other political parties But doing politics has to do what you believe and benefit the people. Therefore, the Democratic Party answered their questions the most. Even today, I’m not even sure whether to win or lose. But he is confident that it will be a good option for the people.


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