became a big story together when suddenly Electronic Arts It also announced the layoffs of quality testing staff in its Baton Rouge branch. The state of Louisiana has released all of them, including more than 200 employees after having previously deposited their work with the game. Battle Royale very famous like Apex Legends come first


Immediately dismissed from the team!

Back on last Tuesday A reliable source reports to Kotaku that EA recently announced the layoffs of its Baton Rouge studio staff. Or is Apex Legends’ QA staff out all through video conference calls, even though some of them just finished working the night shift that day.


EA did not comment further, other than to provide information that Apex Legends testing duties will now be distributed to other studio teams according to its strategy. So that you don’t have to rely on outside companies again. The division of labor to testers spread across the United States. While this will allow them more time to test the game. And able to develop and improve the game to be more on point


Affected employees will receive a total of 60 days of compensation. It’s not comparable to the amount of money they’ll get from contracting with EA anyway, so some employees have complained that the layoffs are unfair. Some have already begun to relate to the issue of racism. But in this regard, EA still hasn’t come out to answer anything clearly.

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