Anyone who loves animals and has chosen to share their home and life with a four-legged friend knows well that, once adopted, the puppy must be treated exactly like one of the family. In recent years, with an incredible increase during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people who have chosen to adopt a pet has significantly increased: it is therefore right to ask yourself some questions regarding the daily management of our four-legged friend.

What does it involve to have a cat or a dog?

Beyond the benefits known to all and the affection and company that these wonderful animals offer without asking for anything in return, there are expenses and responsibilities that cannot be avoided. Let’s think, for example, of veterinary expenses that every year we find ourselves facing in normal conditions, therefore without particular pathologies, or with the costs of hygiene and food. Very often, by deferring purchases in small monthly or weekly expenses, one does not realize the total, but these are figures which, seen as a whole, are actually important.

And that’s not all: there are several cases in which our little friends cause damage to things, people or other animals for which, obviously, we are called to answer. Let’s simply think about what would happen if during a walk our Fido, while chasing a bird or intent on playing with another dog, caused a car accident or accidentally injured, for example, a cyclist by making him fall off his bicycle. There are many cases, then, of dog attacks against their own kind or people.

In these cases, insurance comes to the rescue, but not everyone is familiar with the terms and conditions regarding animals and, above all, very often some protections are not included in the policy or are not fully exploited.

First, it is important to know that, for the insurance to be considered valid, the dog or cat must be registered in the registry office, equipped with a microchip, a health booklet and regularly vaccinated. Once these paperwork has been done, you can proceed to choose the policy that best suits your needs considering that depending on whether you own a dog or a cat, your needs change considerably.

Just like for all the other policies that can be purchased on the web, having a quote for theDog insurance online it’s simple and fast, just rely on the right professionals. Let’s take for example Dog and Cat: by simply connecting to the site and entering a few data concerning the animal (sex, breed, age), you will receive a quote conveniently via email with the various options available. The packages are different and include the most basic guarantees (veterinary expenses for surgery – or without – in case of injury or illness, with hospitalization or day hospital) to the more detailed ones (costs for research following loss, funeral expenses, delivery home medicines, 24-hour assistance, legal protection, civil liability and reimbursement of expenses incurred for visits and examinations related to accidents or illness, with or without hospitalization or day hospital).

It is possible to take out a policy for animals from 6 months up to 8 years of age and the coverage lasts for 12 months.

Choosing to insure your pet it is not mandatory, but it is a wise and convenient choice whose benefits can be noticed in the short or long term. Of course, to be truly calm, you need to aim for convenience and quality, but above all rely on partners such as Cane e Gatto who allow, for example, to manage claims and assistance quickly and easily or to continue to choose your own veterinarian trust.


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