Do you want to know what Amouranth earns between Twitch and OnlyFans? Here I tell you


The streamer herself has revealed the largest sum of money she has ever made in a month

I still remember, like many of you, obviously that unexpected crossover that was that of Illojuan with Amouranth, something that evidently came down to a lot of laughs and awkward moments, I’d say. But still, it was pretty funnyalthough it also served to many viewers in the Hispanic community will place Amouranth even more (Surely, it also made the Andalusian streamer have his moment of recognition among the English-speaking community).

In any case, fame did not come to Amouranth at that timesince we are facing a most successful streamer, since on his Twitch channel he already accumulates more than 6 million subscribers. Now, the American is not only dedicated to making content on Twitch, but also has a lot of presence in OnlyFansthe adult content platform in which users subscribe to your profile in exchange for a monthly payment.

Amouranth income is insane

Therefore, the well-known streamer is not exactly generating little income, since, if we add what she earns between the two mentioned platforms, we can have a spectacular number. In fact, Amouranth herself has revealed it in a chat with Jake Luckeyanother streamer.

  • Specifically, the content creator revealed the most money he has earned in a month through Twitch and OnlyFans.
  • Amouranth said that, “I think the biggest income I’ve ever withdrawn probably (because with OnlyFans you have to withdraw all the time) it would be 2 million dollars. I waited like a month and a half or so.”
  • On the part of Twitch, it is worth mentioning that those responsible for the platform usually keep between 30 and 50% of the creators’ profitswhile OnlyFans only remains with 20%.
  • In addition to what enters per se, to that we must add what Amouranth gets thanks to the tips left by some users on the adult content platform.
  • A curious detail, so that you situéis, 2 million dollars would be what Ibai could earn in 2 years.

Of course, Amouranth’s income is insane, something that places her as one of the most successful content creators of the moment.


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