Divorce Attorney Shin Divorce Lawyer Divorce Case Series that has Jo Seung Woo as a perfect loveless lawyer.


Divorce Attorney Shin An exciting series of March 2023 when Jo Seung Woo returns to acting again. And this time he will be a lawyer for divorce, love divorce cases that life has changed dramatically. until it brings a most entertaining and impressive story, and viewers will also get knowledge of the divorce case with them, so this March 4th, wait and see Divorce Attorney Shin via JTBC and Netflix

The story is that Shin Song Han, a 45-year-old senior man who is called perfect. Born into a wealthy family He himself was an accomplished classical pianist. and became a professor at a university in Germany

But then an unexpected event happened when he was over 30 until he had to fly back to South Korea. and changed his career path from a pianist to start studying law to become a lawyer Not an ordinary lawyer He is also a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases. However, a lawyer like Shin Sung Han used to live as an artist, loves music, and good wine. Sometimes you have to pour soju into a wine glass as well.

Divorce Attorney Shin Divorce Attorney Shin

Divorce Attorney Shin Consists of 4 interesting main characters, namely

  • Shin Sung Han Divorce Lawyer Played by Jo Seung Woo, a lawyer who died from StrangerCEO Taesul from Sisyphus: The Myth

The Korean name Shin Sung Han means holy, which may correspond to the character who is a lawyer. bring about accuracy and stand by the client from various lawsuits that he took on the case Causing Shin Sung Han to learn that in fact, a love relationship is abandoned is another question that may not have the most accurate answer. And he himself is searching for the answer to it.

  • Jang Hyung Geun Assistant Lawyer Played by Kim Sung Kyun, father from Reply 1988Master Sergeant Park Bom Gu from DP

Jang Hyung Geun worked together with Shin Sung Han. The position is a lawyer’s assistant, but seriously, it’s like a butler at a lawyer’s office. Personally, Jang Hyung Geun did not have a smooth marriage life. It was then that he met Lee Seo Jin, his favorite radio DJ. turned out to be a customer who wanted Shin Song Han to defend

  • Jo Jung Shik, a real estate agent Played by Jung Moon Sung or Doctor Do Jae Hak from Hospital Playlist

Jo Jung Shik is a fun person. A 40-year-old single man who has nothing big in life. Both Jang Hyung Geun and Jo Jung Sik have been Shin Sung Han’s close friends since middle school. Their bond of almost 30 years became one that worked together and connected. meet almost every day Even though there are so many differences But the three of them were already like brothers.

  • Lee Seo Jin, a radio DJ Played by Han Hye Jin, a famous actor from Ju-Mong, the great man to save the throne and movies 26 Years

Lee Seo Jin was previously a weather anchor. He is currently a radio DJ. cool working woman Graceful with gestures and smiles On the outside, it might seem like she’s perfect in everything. Family life is beautiful, both husband and son are cute, but actually Lee Seo Jin is no different from a bird in a golden cage. Filled with pain every day

When a scandal arises that causes Lee Seo Jin’s life to fall into the abyss No matter how bad people gossip about, she doesn’t care. Just to be sure that her husband won’t win the divorce and get his son into legal custody. That caused Lee Seo Jin to consult lawyer Shin Sung Han in order to restore her dignity and become a mother who can raise her beloved son.

Divorce Attorney Shin

Divorce Attorney Shin is a series based on WEBTOON, the story of divorce lawyers in divorce cases directed by Lee Jae Hoon, written by Yoo Young Ah, Kang Tae Kyung, starring Jo Seung Woo, Han Hye Jin, Ki. Mo Sung Kyun, Jung Mun Sung airs every Saturday and Sunday nights, 12 episodes in total, starting the first EP on March 4, 2023 on JTBC with Thai subtitles available on Netflix.

series example Divorce Attorney Shin Divorce Lawyer Divorce Case


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