After almost 3 years of waiting the disney plus prodigal son is back. season 3 of The Mandalorian, one of his best productions, is already here. After the intense end of the second part, which he left to Grogu in the hands of Luke Skywalker we fans have been looking forward to seeing how their adventure continues after their meeting in Bobba Fett’s book. The first chapter of this new installment begins with a lot of action and the return of old allies and enemies:

A very solid introduction

  • season 3 of The Mandalorian begins with a Mandalorian initiation ceremony.❗
  • After a few moments the group is attacked by a huge beast that looks like a crocodile that has taken too many steroids.🐊
  • In this sequence we see the warriors in action, each with their own weapons and styles.⚡
  • When the going gets tough it shows up Din, who arrives mounted on his new ship and annihilate the beast.🔥

Immediately afterwards, the armorer sends him to Mandalore so that he bathe in the Living Waters and recover your position in the Tribe. For it, Mando goes to Navarro in search of a new ally to help him navigate the dangerous planet. We quickly find out that he wants to bring back IG-11, the bounty hunter robot that helped Din and Grogu in the past. Seeing that it needs a new memory circuit, they launch into space to search for the required part.

cover 2
Mando is reunited with his old companions in this introduction.

Towards the end of the episode they face some space pirates, whom they manage to outrun. After jumping into hyperspace, Din and Grogu arrive at Kalevala, where the Mandalorian castle is located and also Bo-Katan.. The young leader who sought to retake Mandalore is much less optimistic than we remembered her. Apparently, when her followers saw that she did not possess the darksaber, they abandoned her and became mercenaries. After a tense conversation loaded with veiled insults, Mando leaves, headed for the mines, despite warnings.

A world in constant expansion

  • One of the things that most captivated me when I saw The Mandalorian was the ability of its creators to take us from one planet to another.🌍
  • This creativity is crucial to the success of the series, as it is what drives its atmosphere of mystery and adventure.✅
  • Unlike the real world, the star wars universe is vast and there are still many places to discover.❓
  • Thanks to the great designs and the spectacular staging, they bring life toa huge number of alien creatures.⚡
The planets and ships of The Mandalorian are great.

Since the first season this has only gotten better, expanding the universe and giving Din Djarin new options for adventuring. This time we have been able to see a giant crocodile animated to perfection, against which the Mandalorians were fighting. In addition, we have also enjoyed the interesting design of some space piratesreminiscent of aliens from scenes like the one in the canteen.

Old friends and new enemies

In addition to its powerful designs, its variety of planets and its beautiful ships, The Mandalorian also stands out for creating enduring characters. By this I mean the fact that, throughout its seasons, we see how Din reunites with old allies or faces enemies he thought he had left behind..

mandalorian 1
One of the most anticipated returns is that of Luke Skywalker.
  • In this first episode we see the Mandalorians again, whose leader entrusts Command the mission of restore your status as a member of the tribe.✅
  • In addition, Din and Grogu also meet again with Greef Karga, who has reached a very powerful position in Navarro.❗
  • Lastly, the return of Bo Katan it is very interesting because the tension that has grown between her and Mando.
  • In this way, those bonds that the audience has created with the characters are not wasted and it seems that the world is alive and moves parallel to the main plot.🔥

The Mandalorian returns with great force

In general, this new episode has reminded me a lot of cowboy bebop. The non-linear structure that the chapter has followed has left several open options for the following episodes. In this way, it is possible that Mando goes first in search of the parts in order to restore his droid friend, but it is also possible that go straight to Mandalore or even engage in battle with the pirates. If you liked the first two seasons you have to come back to see this third installment that is very promising.


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