Differences and exclusive Pokémon of the DLC The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 1 and 2


In it Pokemon Presents we have been told a new DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, something we all expected since they had done it in the previous game. his name is The hidden treasure of Area Zero, divided into two parts that will be released on different dates. The first part will arrive in autumn and it’s called the turquoise mask and the second will be ready in winter with the name of the indigo disc.

We don’t know the prices of the DLCbut the history of Sword and Shield tells us that they will cost €30 and both parts will be purchased in a single payment.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 1: The Turquoise Mask

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Set in a traditional Japan we will expire the Noroteo region with a school excursion going on a adventure outside of Paldea. We can assume that some Pokémon and characters will be exclusive depending on the game version we have.

Synopsis of the story: They will visit the Noroteo region, located at the foot of a huge mountain where its inhabitants live. It is a place of calm plains, with rice fields and apple orchards. The excursion coincides with a festival that is held annually in this season, so the town is full of vendors and stalls. Players will make new human and Pokémon friends as they unravel the mysteries hidden in legends passed down from generation to generation..

In this part of the DLC we can capture for the first time in Scarlet and Purple to: Chingling, Milotic, Shiftry, Yanma and Ninetales. So we will also have their evolutions and pre-evolutions available.

ogerpon will be the legendary protagonist of this adventure, with a terrifying mask. There’s also new pokemon that we can see in the background of the illustration, these are: Fezandipiti, Munkidori and Okidogi.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk

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In this adventure we will go from exchange to the Blueberry Academywhere we will meet Kieran and Carmine depending on the edition we have.

He legendary pokemon is Therapagos and his glowing aura. In addition, we will have new pokemon like Zebstrika, Cottonee, Dewong, Alcremie, Metragross and Espurr. Furthermore it seems that there will be different pokémon that have not been announced and that are not yet in Scarlet and Purple.

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Hisui’s New Uniforms and Zoroark

As soon as you book the DLC we will have new clothes available in our games depending on the version.

If we reserve the DLC before October 31they will give us a Hisui’s Zoroark with the move pay extra, Dark teratype and the Emblem Charisma.


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