Diablo IV Developer Live Stream Reveals Pre-Download and New Open Beta Info!

Developer team Diablo IV Has revealed great information in the latest live stream! Joe Chely, game director, Meng Song Head of System Design and Art Peshkov, Head of World Design Sit and chat about Beta in an exclusive live stream! The Weekend Early Access runs March 17-19, with the Open Beta Weekend starting March 24-26. Also check it out. YouTube videos to see the reaction of Rod Ferguson general manager of Diablo Continue the team’s charity event!

Summary of live streams from developers

  • In the stream, new information was announced regarding the PC system requirements for the Open Beta and the fierce Beta Wolf Pack rewards. Dress up your fierce and thirsty character with cosmetic items and Beta Wolf Pack titles to show off to everyone. See you participated in early play and open beta weekends. And you can also get ready to battle the hordes of hell on release with the optional Diablo IV pre-download!
  • During the weekend early access Players will only be able to play the Rogue, Sorcerer, and Barbarian classes, with the addition of the Necromancer and Druid classes added to the range. Open beta weekend Players can create up to 10 characters during that time. To give players the opportunity to experiment with different hero styles and character paths.
  • There is also a detailed showcase of the armor system in the game. And the origins, details, and goals of this feature are discussed.
  • There is a giant world boss for players to challenge their skills and earn various rewards.
  • Play alone or with a group of friends. Or invite a second player to help you slay the demons with the same co-op option.
  • You can reclaim Strongholds that have been occupied by evil to permanently change the game world for the better. Those strongholds can become cities, add new waypoints, or trigger activities in the area.
    All progress you make during the Weekend Early Access will also carry over to the Open Beta Weekend. All characters will be deleted when the beta ends.
  • and finally We will have community game streams in the future. here

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See you in the Sanctuary (holy world)!

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