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The penultimate chapter in Destiny 2’s Light and Dark saga arrives alongside Season of Resistance, new power and subclasses, and exciting adventures. The guardians prepare for the beginning of the end.

Today, Bungie debuted the newest chapter in the franchise. destiny 2 (Destiny 2: Eclipse) on all platforms. Eclipse is the penultimate chapter in Destiny 2’s Light and Dark saga, and in it the Guardians will face the evil forces of the Shadow Legion, explore a secret city hidden on the surface of Neptune and discover a new power of Darkness, the ropes.

In Eclipse, the mission of the guardians will be to prevent the apocalypse by stopping the Witness and his new disciple, Calus. Along the way, the Guardians meet the Shadow Legion, whose ranks include the terrifying and mighty Tormentors, combatants bent on wreaking havoc on the high-tech capital of Neomuna.

Guardians will use a new power with subclasses in Eclipse. The ropes will give you the ability to manipulate the threads that hold the universe together, opening up new possibilities for movement and combat. The ropes will grant powerful new attacks for each class to use in unique ways, plus a new hook ability that will greatly increase mobility options throughout the game.

Eclipse’s companion season, Season of Resistance, launches on the same day as Destiny 2’s expansion, and in it Mara Sov and the queen’s guard will ask the guardians to investigate the appearance of Pyramid bases all over the world. the planet and face the worst enemies of humanity. In Resistance Battlegrounds, a new 3-person Job available this season, the Guardians will use their new Awoken powers to create portals to the Ascendant Plane and or challenge the Shadow Legion.

New World’s First Race in the Raid on March 10

Shortly after the release of Eclipse, Bungie is going to unlock its newest raid, Origin of Nightmares. Destiny Raids are exclusive elite activities designed for 6 skilled Guardians who want to test not only their combat skills, but also their ability to cooperate, think on their feet, and solve impossible challenges.

Origin of Nightmares will be released to all Eclipse players on March 10 at 9:00 AM ET. m. (PST) (17:00 UTC). With the launch of the raid, Bungie will also kick off the global race to crown the first squad to finish the raid. Upon official confirmation, each member of the glorious winning squad will earn a unique World’s First title belt. Stay tuned for the official announcement of the World First winning team in the days following the launch of the raid.

Destiny 2: Eclipse

Calus returned as a disciple of the Witness and threatens to destroy the neon city of Neomuna. The guardians will resist the apocalypse knowing that, now, our end begins.

The ropes: The new elemental power in Destiny 2 empowered by Darkness will allow Guardians to manipulate the cosmic filaments of the universe to unleash powerful attacks. All Guardian classes use ropes in unique ways, and all Guardians with access to ropes will be able to take advantage of the new hook ability to greatly increase their mobility in and out of combat.

Neomuna: This neon-glow city on Neptune is the new destination for Destiny 2. Neomuna will be under siege from Calus’ Shadow Legion and is also home to the Guardians’ new allies, the fearless Cloudwalkers, who They protect the city from invasions.

Legendary Campaign: The Legendary campaign mode returns for Eclipse. Designed for players who want to experience exciting new Destiny 2 lore while testing their skills and earning greater rewards.

Customization of equipment and modifiers: New gear and mod customization features make customizing a Guardian faster and easier than ever. Viewing and placing new mods is easy with the general customization screen, where gear and mods can be saved into sets accessible at any time.

Commendations and Guardian Ranks: Eclipse comes with a couple of new social systems that aim to encourage friendly play and teamwork, and help players understand each other’s skill level and experience. With Commendations, players will be able to award a variety of Commendation rewards to members of their squad after completing activities together. Guardian Ranks offer a quick and easy way to see the skill and experience level of each Guardian. Players can rise through the Guardian ranks by receiving Commendations and completing in-game activities.

terminal overload: In this new destiny activity, the guardians will repel the attacks of the vex and the cabal, who will try to flood the Neptunian city with their forces.

new raid: Origin of Nightmares: A nefarious presence from an unknown time and place was detected. The Guardians must face this ancient threat that is knocking at the door. The raid starts on March 10.

The Eclipse + Annual Pass edition is now available on all platforms. In addition to everything that comes with the standard edition of Eclipse (the Eclipse expansion, the raid, and access to the current season), the Eclipse + Annual Pass edition includes:

  • Access to seasons 21 to 23
  • Eclipse Dungeon Key: Access to two Destiny 2 Year 6 Dungeons
  • Instant Unlock Volatile Storm Exotic Auto Rifle with Catalyst and Skin
  • Exceptional Eclipse Hummingbird
  • Rahool’s Secret Stash: Earn this additional set of premium items at the start of Season of Resistance and Seasons 21-23. This set includes an Ascendant Alloy, Ascendant Shards, an Exotic Cipher, Enhancement Modules, and an Exotic cosmetic item.

season of resistance

The final season of Destiny 2, Season of the Resistance, is here and players can immediately earn new Season Ranks. In Season of Resistance, the Vanguard calls on its closest allies to respond to the attack on the Traveler. The Guardians must harness the noble powers of the Awoken if they hope to resist the invasion of the Legion of Shadows and prove they have what it takes to be part of the Queen’s Guard.

Resistance Battlegrounds: In this new three-player Job, Guardians will slip past the Shadow Legion’s defenses by infiltrating their outposts from the Ascendant Plane. Navigate the abyss and rescue captives by completing rituals that open the gates to safety.

Vanguard Ops Playlist Update: In addition to the addition of Robo Battlegrounds and Psion Ops Battlegrounds, this updated playlist will also include revamped two-strike versions: Arms Dealer and Lake of Shadows .

Guardian Games 2023: This annual event will return in May and will be free for all Destiny 2 players. Hunters, Sorcerers, and Titans will compete to complete events, accumulate medallions for awesome rewards, earn a commemorative statue in the Tower, and have the bragging rights all year long.

Destiny 2: Play for free

Destiny 2 is free to play and includes many of the new features coming with Season of Resistance, including the Guardian Games 2023 event, the Eclipse expansion intro mission, the first Season of Resistance mission and more. Season Pass holders can access all activities with additional premium rewards and instant unlocks:

  • New weekly missions.
  • Instantly unlock the Icy Bend Exotic Bow.
  • Unlock a set of seasonal universal skins per class.
  • Bonus EXP, Exotic Engrams, and more.

Purchase the Season of Resistance Silver Pack and receive a new Legendary emote, plus 1,700 Silver (1,000 + 700 bonus) that you can use to purchase seasons, decorations, and more.

It’s time to catch the impostor! Bungie and Innersloth, the studio behind the hit deduction game Among Us, are introducing the first collection of Destiny-inspired cosmetics to the Among Us store starting today. In addition to items based on each of the three iconic Guardian classes—Titans, Sorcerers, and Hunters—the collection also includes decorative items inspired by Destiny characters like Osiris, Lord Shaxx, Saint-14, Eris Morn, and more.

Destiny cosmetics are now available in Among Us for a limited time.

SteelSeriesthe original e-sports brand that fuses video games and culture; ControlFreek®creators of Performance Gaming Gear™, and Bungie have partnered to create a new limited-time collection of gear inspired by Destiny 2: Eclipse.

Vibrant with the color palette and designs of Neptune’s glittering megacity Neomuna, this timeless collection brings Destiny’s sci-fi universe to life through the award-winning Arctis 7+ headset, an Aerox 5 wireless gaming mouse, a QcK Prism XL pad and KontrolFreek sticks. As a bonus, those who purchase the Special Edition Collection will receive exclusive cosmetic items for use in Destiny 2.

The Destiny 2 and SteelSeries Collection is available at,, and, and is priced at:

  • Arctis 7+ Wireless Headset | Destiny 2: Eclipse Edition: NA: $179.99 | EMEA: €199.99 | APAC: $199.99
  • Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse | Destiny 2: Eclipse Edition: NA: $149.99 | EMEA: €159.99 | APAC: $159.99
  • QcK Prism XL Pad | Destiny 2: Eclipse Edition: NA: $69.99 | EMEA: €69.99 | APAC: $69.99
  • Nova Booster Pack | Destiny 2: Eclipse Edition: NA: $34.99 | EMEA: €34.99 | APAC: $34.99​
  • Sticks KontrolFreek | Destiny 2 Edition: Eclipse: NA: $19.99

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