The news of the world of video games has had a clear protagonist today. The name of Pokémon returns to be a trend worldwide after the issuance of a new edition of pokemon presents, the space in which those responsible for the franchise usually announce future projects that will be coming to the market in the coming months. Scarlet and Purple did not miss their appointment at said event, but Pokémon GO He was also very present.

Do you remember that a few years ago they created a device with which you could play this mobile title very easily? Well, soon we will have an improved version of this product. Pokémon GO Plus+ It is a very useful tool for the trainers who continue to enjoy the Niantic mobile game, and if you are interested, this is all you need to know about her.

This will be Pokémon GO Plus +

pokemon go
  • What is Pokémon GO Plus+?: It is an accessory designed to enjoy Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sleep in the easiest way possible😊
  • On the one hand, users who have it and play Pokémon GO will be able spin PokéStops and throw Poké Balls normals (and Super Balls and Ultra Balls) to the creatures that cross your path… No need to take out your mobile!📳
  • On the other hand, those who have Pokémon Sleep they will have the option to press the button on the device when they go to sleep and when they wake up in order to access a complete record of sleep data😴
  • The sleep data obtained can be used in Pokémon GO in the future, with a series of functions that have not yet been announced❓
  • In addition this product includes a Pikachu inside that can sing lullabies and? will unlock new alarm tones as you spend more time with him👨🏻‍🎤
  • How much will Pokémon GO Plus+ be worth?: this product will come out at a price of $54.99 (about €55)💸
  • And when does it go on sale?: July 21, 2023📅

More announcements from Pokémon Presents

Beyond the presentation of Pokémon Sleep and this device compatible with said app and with Pokémon GO, the franchise will receive many new features throughout 2023. Scarlet and Purple will have a great DLC divided into two parts, Netflix will broadcast a new animated series stop-motion exclusively and Pokémon Masters EX and Pokémon Cafe Remix Will be updated with more content. Almost nothing, huh?


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