News cases speak more and more often of aggressions by dogs generically defined as “molossi” that, when they bite, they can also kill other animals and even seriously injure humans due to the size and power of their bite. This is what has happened in recent days in Porpoises (read here) Where two pit bulls escaped from a house and mauled a small dog and in Tivoli, where a pit bull managed to escape from his home causing panic, killing a cat and biting passers-by.

The International Organization for the Protection of Animals (Oipa) asks the legislator to regulate the keeping of certain types of dogs which too often, also due to the fashions of the moment, are also chosen by people who are not able to manage them correctly.

How to handle a “dangerous” dog and what the law says about their management

The Oipa replies which clarifies how first of all “there is no list of dogs deemed dangerous“. In 2006, the Ministry of Health issued an ordinance concerning the “protection of public safety from dog aggression”, which included a list of dog breeds deemed dangerous. Subsequent ordinances have then abolished this list due to relative uncertainty and discrimination of races.

“Currently the dangerousness of a dog is determined depending on specific facts – explains the lawyer Claudia Taccani, head of the Legal Office of Oipa -. In the event of a bite or fight between dogs, in fact, the dog and its owner are reported to the Local Health Authority veterinary service, which keeps a register of dogs declared aggressive, and are required to take a training course. The course is organized by the Municipality, together with the veterinary service of the local health authority, with the collaboration of the professional orders of veterinary doctors and animal protection associations. The expenses are borne by the owner of the ‘challenging’ dog”.

In case of serious danger, triggers the obligation to take out an insurance policy and the obligation to use a leash and a muzzle on the streets and in places open to the public.

What to do if our dog is attacked by another?

“Take it now the data of the owner or keeper of the aggressor dog and get help from people present who can testify what happened and identify the person responsible, also by contacting the local police – recommends the lawyer Oipa -. It is a recoverable damage because the dog, even if it is a sentient being, is considered as a “good” forming part of the assets and, moreover, you have the right to obtain reimbursement of the veterinary expenses incurred and the necessary treatments. It is therefore necessary to take the dog to the vet for checks, provide for treatment and keep all the relative probative documentation.

If in the scuffle a person is also injured, configures itself the crime of culpable injury with consequent complaint and compensation of the injured party. In the event of a fight between two or more quadrupeds, the animals must be kept under observation for 10 days in order to verify that there is no possibility of the onset of dangerous pathologies such as rabies. The control takes place with a home visit by the ASL staff, or the keeper may be forced to go to the veterinary service with his pet “.

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