crunchyroll has premiered by surprise and all at once, the Spanish dubbing of the first season of the Anime series Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out.

In addition to Spanish subtitles and Latin dubbing, we can now enjoy this comedy with Spanish dubbing and we don’t have to wait every week, since the first season is now available in its entirety dubbed.


  • irene miras What hana uzaki
  • Marcel Navarro What shinichi sakurai
  • Toni Molías What mr asai
  • Lourdes Fabres What Me
  • Sergi Mani What Itsuhito
  • Anna Orra What tsuki

Additional Voices:

  • Conxita Ramirez
  • Elisabeth Bargallo
  • Jordi Domenech
  • Ivan Priego
  • Alex Molina


  • Dubbing Studio: VSI Spain
  • Dubbing Direction: Anna Orra
  • ADR Scriptwriter: Rocio Gutierrez
  • Remix: Virgil Martinez
  • Recording Engineer: daniel ruiz

Shinichi Sakurai goes to college, doesn’t mind being an introverted loner, and doesn’t care what other people think. Voluptuous second-year Hana Uzaki can’t do such a thing. Cheerful as she is, she set out to make him more social. He likes her company, and she let him be her friend. Is it possible to have a good time with others as much as when she is alone?


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