The emotional story of To Your Eternity it will reach our hearts again, but now with its long-awaited dubbing into Spanish that we can enjoy in crunchyroll.

The platform reveals the main cast of the adaptation and the team in charge of making it possible, all you have to do is keep reading.


  • Rodrigo Martin as Realm (Fushi)
  • Andrea Villaverde as March
  • Henar Hernandez as Parona
  • Ana I Rodriguez as pioran
  • Adolfo Pastor As the Sake Old Man
  • joel gomez as gugu
  • vincent real as Shin
  • Martha Argota as Hayase
  • Mary Genzor as Tonari
  • Marina Perez as Sandel
  • Marta Mendez as oops
  • Salvi Garrido as uroy
  • Angel Luis as The Observer

Additional Voices:

  • Alba Perez Fuentes
  • Alexander Sanchez
  • Chema Agulló
  • Cristina Pena
  • david flores
  • eva garcia
  • Philip Garrido
  • Jaime Perez of Seville
  • Marcos Grana
  • Maria Sanchez
  • marisol navajo
  • Miguel Campos
  • Nano Castro
  • Ricky Delgado
  • Sarah Iglesias
  • Vicenc Miralles


  • Casting Address: Marcos Grana Nogueira
  • Artistic direction: Marcos Grana Nogueira
  • Adaptation: Marcos Grana Nogueira
  • Post Production Manager: Javier Fernandez
  • Recording Manager: Javier Fernandez
  • Mix Manager: Javier Fernandez
  • Linguistic Coordination: Eva Garcia de Diego
  • Recording Engineers: Carlos Beiro, Marina Pérez and Sergio Tarek López
  • Sound Mixing Engineers: Alejandro Sanchez Arranz
  • As-Record Scripts: Eva Garcia de Diego
  • Dubbing Studio: Transperfect Madrid

A lonely young man is traveling through the arctic regions of North America when he encounters a wolf, and it doesn’t take long for the two to become friends and depend on each other to survive in such a harsh environment. But the young man has a certain history, and the wolf is more than he appears at first glance…


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