crisis above the clouds Massive impact when Be On Cloud can’t escape the storm.


Be On Cloud, one of the well-known series production camps, recently launched a major project in January. After having to face a big storm that the camp and the management are still unable to cope with.

For the Thai series line, probably no one is unfamiliar with the name of Be On Cloud, a camp to take care of artists and produce series. Owner of one of the most successful works of 2022 like KinnPorsche The Series Mafia series that have audiences around the world. Guaranteed by the number of global trends on Twitter up to 9 episodes in 29 areas around the world. along with great world tour activities that travel to perform in many cities across Asia With such success, Be On Cloud moves into Phase 2 in a big way with the announcement of four mega projects at BOC’s 2023 PROJECTS LINEUP.

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But such greatness had to be stopped when Bew-Chakraphan Putta, one of the camp’s rising stars, was exposed in the case of assault on his girlfriend. One of the original novelists KinnPorsche The Series with quite solid evidence Until becoming a hot topic for several weeks, of course, Be On Cloud, as an agency, was also caught in this matter, and Pound-Kritsada Wittayakhachondej, the owner of the camp, became a person who was watched by society and fans. immediately inevitable coupled with the future of 15 other actors in the camp that are also being watched

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While the story was heating up and in the spotlight of society, on January 28, Bew issued a press release confirming his innocence and announcing his retirement from the agency so as not to affect the future of his fellow actors. Which looks like Be On Cloud should have survived this problem. But it turned out to throw a snake out of his throat when Pound posted a video clip of him hugging Biw on his personal Instagram.

After the video clip was released both Pound and Be On Cloud immediately became a widespread controversy. Until causing the hashtag #BoycottBOC to trend on Twitter, overtaking the hot hashtag #Biu physically assaults a woman that has been in trend all week Because most netizens and fans think Pound is supporting Biw’s actions. related to the issue of violence

The pound’s move at that time appeared to be the official beginning of the crisis. When concert tickets KINNPORSCHE THE SERIES WORLD TOUR 2023 and KINNPORSCHE THE SERIES WORLD TOUR 2022 WTF, which were released the next day (January 29), there are more than a thousand tickets left in the system. And cannot announce Sold Out until the event day during February 25-26. Including many fan club houses The house gradually announced that it would not support the work of artists related to the camp. And another part came out to announce to suspend activities and close the house. The main reason is because many fans have lost faith in Pound and do not want to support the activities of actors related to the agency anymore.

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In addition to the backlash from dissenting fans, Be On Cloud also had to deal with violent movements from Be On Cloud’s fans. Whether it’s posting messages attacking the camp and fellow actors on social media Hashtag trending supports buu to creating situations according to various camp activities

Like the event KINNPORSCHE THE SERIES WORLD TOUR in Hong Kong, which was held after Beau announced his retirement from the camp. During the performance, his name was shouted and the blue lights turned on. There was a large banner that wrote in support of Bew up to take pictures with the other actors on stage, including shouting out to Bew at the actors as they got into the van.

In addition to the chaos that occurred during the performance in Hong Kong. There were also threats of violence against fans, staff and performers at the World Tour in Ho Chi Minh City. The threat forced Be On Cloud to cancel their Ho Chi Minh City show. for the safety of all parties

Most recently, in the final world tour event like KINNPORSCHE THE SERIES WORLD TOUR 2022 WTF at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani on February 26th. There was an issue of the owner of the camp again. After Pound asked to use the space at the end of the event to say goodbye to the character ‘Pete’ instead of Biu with a message that What will his real life be like? I can’t repay everyone. But the Pete he made will always be in everyone’s hearts.” This statement is like a confirmation for the fans. that Pound supports Bew regardless of the image and prospect of the rest of the cast

Another shocking thing happened at the same event. It was Jeff Sater’s announcement that he was leaving Be On Cloud to continue working under his own self-established Studio On Saturn. In which Jeff confirmed that he can still work with Be On Cloud as before and the project Wuju Bakery (우주빵집) that will start filming soon It continues as normal As for the music part, Jeff is still under the supervision of Wayfer Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music Thailand as before.

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All of this happened in about a period of time. Only two months since the announcement of the camp’s new project line-up. This can be called a crisis that causes Be On Cloud, who has always been above the clouds, constantly falling to the ground. and does not seem to be able to return soon

So what is the concern from now on? So it’s not just the future of other actors. who was hit by a net with this case in full But it may affect projects that have already been launched like The Hidden Character (THC), Wuju Bakery (우주빵집) and Man Suang who are moving forward to prepare for work with full In this part we have to keep an eye on how the response of these works will be. under pressure from many sources

while the series 4 MINUTES who was posed to be the main character Bible-Witchapas Sumettikul and Biw-Chakraphan Putta are likely to have some changes soon, although the camp hasn’t released an update on the status of the project. this But the authors assumed that the camp would not have many options to remedy the situation. If you want the series to start filming as planned unless the shooting of this project is postponed Whichever way you choose, it is likely to have serious and unpredictable consequences.

If Pound hasn’t stopped talking about Biu lately or changed his stance on his case. The popularity graph of the camp probably jumped up to hit the point where it was difficult to stay. No matter how tight the other artist’s fan base is. Because in the end, there are still many works in the market for fans to choose from, they can turn to support other artists or works from other labels at any time. As long as there are series that are of better quality and less drama.

It’s true that human relationships are difficult to cut. Encouraging each other as elders, friends or leaders is therefore not wrong or strange. But as the president of the camp that is attached to the image of the company and actors Encouragement for people who are controversial about assault like Biu in the media. Therefore, it is not different from choosing a side that causes various situations to worsen.

Of course, in terms of production, performances and quality of work, Be On Cloud is still a camp that does these things well without a doubt. which makes us quite disappointed in the ability of both the behind-the-scenes team and the forward-facing team to suffer this long-term impact with the camp

However, this article is just a prediction of what will happen to Be On Cloud only. But at the very least, we hope this fall from above the clouds doesn’t hurt the good team. and the camp’s quality actors must be hurt a lot


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