BEIJING, 28 FEB – Hong Kong has decided to remove the obligation to wear masks from tomorrow, shelving a measure adopted almost three years or almost 1,000 days ago (945 to be precise) in order to fight the Covid-19 pandemic which has seriously affected its economy and position in the world. The initiative, communicated by Governor John Lee in a brief briefing with the media, foresees that the covering of the mouth and nose will no longer be necessary outdoors, indoors or on public transport. “I announce that the mask requirement will be completely lifted starting tomorrow, March 1, including for indoors, outdoors and on public transport,” Lee said, adding however that hospitals and homes for the elderly will be able to impose their own restrictions depending on the situation. of the circumstances. Hong Kong’s lifting of restrictions comes in the aftermath of a similar decision by neighboring Macau which relaxed its rules on anti-Covid masks, abandoning them except in high-risk public areas, such as hospitals. (HANDLE).



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