Conaie breaks dialogue with the Ecuadorian government


The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), decided to break the dialogue with the government of President Guillermo Lasso, due to the breach of agreements signed in October last year.

“We break this dialogue process and withdraw from these follow-up tables, blaming the national government, which has been the one who has not complied at the dialogue tables,” remarked the organization’s leader, Leonidas Iza.

In this sense, the Conaie demands “the President of the Republic of Ecuador, Mr. Guillermo Lasso, for the dignity of our country, for his inability to govern and solve the most felt problems of Ecuadorians, present his resignation to the country and take a step to the side”, expressed Iza when reading the resolutions of the Council of the indigenous movement.

The indigenous representative assured that the Ecuadorian people will not allow a dictatorship. “We declare ourselves on alert regarding any dictatorial act or decision taken by the President of the Republic Guillermo Lasso. We will not allow him to try to dissolve State functions and govern by decree; the peoples and nationalities, the social organizations and the Ecuadorian people will not allow a dictatorship, if any initiative of any kind happens, we will immediately declare a national strike in Ecuador,” Iza remarked.

In October of last year, Conaie and the Ecuadorian government closed negotiations as part of an act of peace that put an end to the protests that left at least six dead and at least 600 injured among Ecuadorian uniformed officers and civilians.


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