Com2uS has released a big collab update ‘Summoners War x Assassin’s Creed’.


Com2uS has released a big collab update ‘Summoners War x Assassin’s Creed’.

  • Summon 5 protagonists from the game series. Assassin’s Creed (Ezio, Cassandra, Evor, Bayek, Altair) Now available in Summoners War
  • add a building “Assassin’s Party” Allows you to do special missions & go through event dungeons with assassins. and lots of new content
  • Get ready to meet 3 special events celebrating Collab, giving away Summon Scrolls, Assassins and “Altair” 5★ True (Light) Immediately after clearing a secret mission
  • celebrate Summoners War opens the game for 9 yearsGo with the ultimate Collaboration between Com2uS and a series of world famous games Assassin’s Creed

Announced with the news Collaboration between Summoners War and Assassin’s Creed Can’t pass by in no time Now, the giant mobile game camp from South Korea like Com2uS has released this update for fans to play together

Assassin’s Creed It’s an action-adventure game. Open World from the camp Ubisoft that allows players to experience adventures in various eras The highlight is the story line that is intense and interesting to follow. combined with outstanding combat features in the assassin concept More than 200 million copies have been sold worldwide since the first game’s release in 2007, making it one of the best-selling game series in video game history.

This collab will add Lots of new content coming to Summoners War. Whether it’s monsters or the upcoming Summoners War 9th anniversary event. As we have already seen from some examples. Teaser at Com2uS Released since February 22, the past.

The highlight of this update will not be out. Ezio, Cassandra, Evore, Bayek and Al-Tair 5 protagonists from Assassin’s Creed different parts to come to the arena as your monster And there are up to 5 summons.

The game has added new buildings on floating islands like Assassin’s Order as a distribution point for 5 special missions as well Which, upon completing the mission, will receive many rewards, including Codex (special currency of this Collab), mana stone, and crystal.

In the part of the event dungeon Once entered, you must select 1 of the 4 assassins that can only be used in the event dungeon. There are 3 stages in the dungeon where you can choose the buffs you want to use. After clearing each stage, you will receive a mana stone. magic book or other items as rewards

in addition Com2uS There is also a special event to celebrate the update. Collab This is up to 3 activities. Just clear the secret mission and get it. Al-Tair 5★ Real (Light) with Assassin’s Creed Scrolls Go for it, or collect codex from the event to exchange for an exclusive gift bag full of Summon and Devilmon Scrolls.

Finally, good news for those who like to stock up on magic scrolls. This work was even more using a magic scroll. The more you get free magic scrolls back. Not every summon was wasted.

If anyone has not seen the beautiful battle scenes of monsters with assassins vs the Knights Templar in the clip. Cinematic Video Celebrates Assassin’s Creed Collaboration The full model has been released since February 22nd. Check it out on the YouTube channel.

Summoners War previously had a collaboration with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition in 2020 and Cookie Run: Kingdom in 2022. which has a lot of hair, including new monsters, event dungeons and exclusive content in the style of Summoners War Which has always received good feedback Fans’ expectations for this update are just as high. Collaboration the last two times

not only that Summoners War have cooperated with Huawei AppGallery return profits to customers With activities to receive 3 lucky draws with prizes to be distributed worth more than 300,000 baht, which can participate from February 28 to March 31, 2023. For more details, click here >

You can follow the news on the Summoners War page >>> Link

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