Collision between two trains in Greece, at least 16 dead and 85 injured


ATHENS, 01 MAR – At least 16 dead and 85 injured are the toll from the collision that took place yesterday evening between a freight train and a passenger train traveling between Athens and Thessaloniki, in Greece. This was announced by the firefighters, who are working at the scene of the accident. “At least 16 people have been found dead so far,” a Greek firefighters spokesman said at a press conference, specifying that rescue operations are still ongoing. “Eighty-five people were injured and transported to nearby hospitals,” the source added. The firefighters explained that three carriages derailed near the town of Larissa, in the center of the country, after the collision between the freight train and a convoy carrying 350 passengers. One of the carriages caught fire and several people would have been trapped, according to the ERT TV channel. Regional governor Kostas Agorastos said that “more than 250 passengers have been transferred by bus to Thessaloniki. Unfortunately – he added – the number of wounded and dead is likely to be high”. (HANDLE).


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