On February 26, the idol group BNK48 held an event BNK48 13th Single Iiwake Maybe First Performance or the launch of the 13th main single. Iiwake Maybe At the 100-year Chulalongkorn Park, led by Pancake Pittayaporn Kiatthitinan Center position this time Which has a lot of music fans traveling to attend the event

This launch event has Cherprang Areekul in charge of organizing the set list. It started with performances from all 11 members of the 4th generation who came up to deliver brightness to the fans. in their debut single Shoujotachi yo – new day and music Sayonara Crawl followed by performances from all 3 generations of BNK48 members who carried music to provide fun in full, led by Jabaja and Warota People

before surprising the fans By bringing songs from the Team BIII and Team NV stages to show the fans. Watched outside the theater Team members will be switched to make the show more colorful, with Team BIII members performing Team NV’s songs as Ai no Stripper While Team NV members will perform Team BIII’s songs as Shamu Neko Siamese cat

continued with the release of the second minor song from the 13th main single in the name sound of leaves This is an original song composed by Kru Man-Tanuphop Nottayanon and sung by Hoop-Pattalee Prasertthirachai, Captain of Team BIII and Mr.-Pattanarin Muenrit, Captain of Team NV that conveys the story. of BNK48 members and fans who support each other to tell everyone that BNK48 will continue to move on

Then came the show that everyone had been waiting for. with the release of the 13th main single Iiwake Maybe that comes with a distinctive red plaid school uniform Which was inspired by the original Senbatsu set of AKB48 seniors, followed by a performance from the song Oogoe Diamond and 365 days with paper planes

before ending with the opening of the music video Iiwake Maybe For everyone to watch at the same time, this is the end of the event BNK48 13th Single Iiwake Maybe First Performance impressively.

Watch the launch event BNK48 13th Single Iiwake Maybe First Performance at:

Watch a music video Iiwake Maybe at:


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