Clarification on ATOMIC HEART Game Funding Issues

February 28 – over the past week The gamer community in Thailand has been asking a lot of questions about games. Atomic Heart and the relationship between game developers Mundfish with a Russian state-sponsored organization 4Divinity As the official distributor of the game in Asia Very understanding of consumer concerns regarding the war situation in Ukraine. The company would like to take this opportunity to clarify the facts about the game. Atomic Heart and developer Mundfish additionally

  • First of all With details in the game distribution contract between Mundfish and company 4Divinity The company can guarantee to all players that all revenues from game distribution in Asia. (Including in Thailand) will definitely not be sent to support the Russian government. The company 4Divinity is a company registered in Singapore. and is obligated to pay taxes only to the Government of Singapore. FLike Mundfish, it is registered in Cyprus and has no tax obligations to the Russian government either.
  • second Although the developer Mundfish will receive investment from the company GEM Capital Many sources have reported that it has a connection to the Russian government. But the fact is that the company GEM Capital It is a private fund established in the Republic of Cyprus which “ever” Invest in the Russian energy industry. Before ending all investments in the country in 2022, according to the company’s disclosure to the press Kirk Mckeand at the beginning of the year
  • Third In the privacy and personal information of website visitors section of Mundfish in the presentThe developer of Mundfish has confirmed that no information has been sent to the Russian government. developer Mundfish explain further that in the past Mundfish It is also a company registered in Russia. The company has to comply with the laws of the country at that time to collect the information of the purchaser on the website of Mundfish when the company was newly registered in Cyprus Regulations as a result of compliance with Russian law no longer apply. According to the Company’s statement to GamesRadar on January 27, 2023

Finally Company 4Divinity I would like to thank all players for your interest and support for the game. Atomic Heart until now We sincerely hope that this statement answers your questions about the developer and the funding behind the game. so that Asian and Thai gamers can experience the game’s work Atomic Heart that developers are dedicated to creating with peace of mind again

About 4Divinity Pte. Ltd.

4Divinity is a game distribution company. that is committed to bringing exciting gaming experiences from around the world to Asia And introduce the work of Asian game developers to international gamers at the same time. The company will work with its sister company, Epicsoft Asia, as well as game developers and publishers to bring new titles to the region. 4Divinity is a subsidiary of the GCL Group.

About Developer Mundfish (Slimao Limited)

In 2017 Mundfish was established in the Republic of Cyprus. with the aim of developing the game of their dreams ever since The company has welcomed many talented developers from different countries. To jointly create a game experience that is new, unique and captivating to the players. with their first release, Atomic Heart.

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