US consumer confidence plummets. The 10 best beaches in the world in 2023. The most forceful phrases from Shakira’s interview. This is what you need to know to start the day. First the truth.

1. China welcomes a key Putin ally

China is preparing to welcome a key autocratic ally of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for a state visit amid warnings from US officials that Beijing would be considering helping Moscow in its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko will hold talks with Chinese officials in Beijing from Tuesday to Thursday at the invitation of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

2. US consumer confidence plummets

American consumers felt much worse about the economy in February amid rising interest rates and concerns about a possible recession, according to the latest survey data released Tuesday by the Conference Board.

3. Viva Air strands hundreds of passengers

Hundreds of travelers protested this Tuesday at several of the main airports in Colombia after they were taken by surprise by the sudden cancellation of flights by the Colombian airline Viva Air.

Viva Air passengers annoyed by the suspension of flights and without answers 3:17

4. A minority opinion on covid-19

The Energy Department’s low-confidence assessment that Covid-19 likely originated from a laboratory leak in China remains a minority opinion within the intelligence community, three sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

Was a laboratory leak or viral transmission the origin of covid-19? 2:57

5. Electoral reform in Mexico: why is there controversy?

The so-called “plan B” of the electoral reform of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador —approved by the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies— continues to cause strong controversy in the country, where calls are multiplying for the Supreme Court of Justice to intervene, months before the start of a new cycle of general elections.

Pagés: AMLO’s electoral reform is the chronicle of an announced fraud 1:43


at coffee time

Group writes to F1 about ‘continuing concerns’ over Bahrain sportswashing

A leading human rights group has written to the CEO of Formula 1 expressing deep concern about the role the sport is playing in “sportswashing” ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix: when governments use sporting events to project an image favor of his country around the world, often to divert attention from alleged wrongdoing.

Do you know what ‘sportswashing’ is and how it works? 3:16

The 10 best beaches in the world in 2023, according to Tripadvisor

The list of beaches is part of the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice awards, which are determined from millions of opinions sent by travelers throughout 2022. A beach in Cuba is on the list.

The best beaches in Latin America, according to TripAdvisor 1:06

Season 3 of “The Mandalorian”: synopsis, when it will be released and how many chapters it will have

Attention, lovers of the Star Wars universe: the new season of “The Mandalorian” is very, very close and here we have all the details about the premiere.

The 5 most popular series of Disney +, according to Rotten Tomatoes 1:14

These are the best photographs of the year, according to the 2023 Sony World Photography Awards

An aerial view of a volcano, a shot from inside a damaged building in Ukraine and a portrait of a dog were among the best photographs taken around the world last year, according to the jury of the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards.

The 10 most forceful phrases from Shakira’s interview

Shakira’s interview with the Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo, in which she talks about how music rescued her after her break with former soccer player Gerard Piqué, left several sentences about her recovery process and her music.

Shakira calls on women to feel empowered 6:12


the figure of the day


The White House has ordered federal agencies to remove the TikTok app from all government devices within 30 days.

Why do some governments ban TikTok on official devices? 1:47


quote of the day

“What people want to know…did it hurt? Hell yeah, it hurt”

Chris Rock talks about Will Smith’s slapping at the Oscars: He will have a special live on Netflix on March 4, in which he will refer to the episode of Will Smith slapping him at the Oscars, according to Netflix.

This will be the Chris Rock live stream on Netflix 1:51


And to finish…

What will transportation be like in 2050?

A mobility expert says that autonomous vehicles will be popular in 2050, as will supersonic travel. What impact will these forms of transportation have on the environment?

What will transportation be like in 2050? Expert describes it like this 1:08


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