Chinese authorities attack the United States. The case for deleting the TikTok application from all government devices To protect government information and prevent data leakage He pointed out that the statement was an exaggerated reaction. along with suggesting that the United States Respect the principles of a market economy. and fair competition

by the US White House It has ordered government agencies to remove TikTok from all systems and devices within 30 days, following similar measures in EU member states and Canada. over the past few weeks

“We strongly oppose these misconducts, the US government should respect the principles of a market economy,” said Mao Ning, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry. and fair competition End the crackdown on companies and support an open, fair and non-discriminatory environment for foreign companies in the US.”

Mao Ning also said that a world power such as the United States How can you be afraid of applications that the new generation likes like that? and pointed out that the United States is abusing state power to suppress foreign companies (especially Chinese companies)

TikTok is accused of collecting user data. and delivered to the Chinese government. As a result, the US agency expressing concern that sensitive information may be disclosed When downloading the application to government devices, TikTok has denied the allegations. It insists that its company operates like any other social media company, pointing out that TikTok never transfers user data as it claims.

Many have speculated that this removal order It may be like a bell ringing a new round of technology war between two superpowers like the United States. and China can be

picture: Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images



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