“The Chinese side expresses strong disgust and determined protest, and has already issued a strong warning to the United States,” said the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mao Ning, about the sanctions that Washington introduced on February 24 against several Chinese companies for their “ties to Russia”.

He added in this regard that the actions of the United States (USA) lack both the basis of international law and the mandate of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization, reported Telesur.

This Monday, at the foreign ministry press conference, Mao also described the recent US sanctions against China as typical unilateral coercive measures and “long-arm jurisdictions”, illegal and detrimental to Chinese interests.

“We deplore and reject this move and have made serious efforts on the American side,” he said.

The US does supply weapons to Ukraine

“The United States cannot impose its vision of how bilateral relations between Russia and China should develop,” said the diplomat, while recalling that Washington does supply Ukraine with weapons.

On this issue, he recalled that China’s position has been objective and fair and has actively promoted peace talks and sought a political solution.

“However, the US has been fanning the flame and fueling the fight with more weapons. To date, it has provided Ukraine with more than $32 billion in military aid, including large amounts of advanced weaponry,” he denounced.

Just a few days ago, the US announced another $2 billion tranche of military aid to Ukraine.

On this, he stressed that the United States has been dumping weapons on one side of the conflict, thus prolonging the fighting and making peace elusive, while spreading misinformation that China would supply Russia with weapons and sanctioning Chinese companies under that pretext. .

“This is absolute hegemonism, double standards and absolute hypocrisy,” said the spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

China promotes peace

“I want to point out that within a year of the full escalation of the Ukraine crisis, China issued its position paper on the political solution of the crisis, while the US imposed sanctions on Chinese and foreign companies.”

“Who is promoting peace and de-escalation, and who is fueling the tension and making the world more unstable? The answer is quite obvious,’ she argued.

We call on the US to reflect on its behavior, consider what is good for the world and do something that will really help calm the situation and get peace talks moving, he said.

The spokeswoman said the US should also stop spreading disinformation and remove sanctions on Chinese companies.

“The Chinese side will continue to do whatever is necessary to firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises. We will take determined countermeasures in response to US sanctions,” he said.

Visit of the President of Belarus

On the other hand, regarding the upcoming official visit to China by the President of Belarus, Alexandr Lukashenko, Mao Ning pointed out that Beijing hopes that this will contribute “to the further development of comprehensive cooperation between countries,” he said. Sputnik.

The spokeswoman recalled that in September 2022 Chinese President Xi Jinping met Lukashenko during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in the Uzbek city of Samarkand. At the meeting, both sides formulated a new plan for the development of Sino-Belarusian relations.

Lukashenko’s visit to China will take place from February 28 to March 2.


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