China approves highest coal-fired power plant in seven years, fears impacting carbon neutrality goals


Research from the Center for Clean Energy and Air Research (CREA) and the Global Energy Monitoring Organization (GEM) revealed that China approved the construction of 106 GW of coal-fired power plants last year. This is four times higher than 2021 and the highest level since 2015.

The report states that during the past year China has begun construction of 50 gigawatts of coal-fired power plants across the country. That’s more than half the year-ago level, according to GEM analyst Flora Champenois. It’s not normal’ with a large number of new projects emerging. licensed Funding and completed the construction in just a few months

The amount of new capacity connected to the electric grid has slowed in recent years. After new approvals, it declined over 2017-2020 but is expected to rebound in the coming years. Because China is concerned about energy shortages. by new coal-fired power plants The newly approved power plants are largely set up to support minimum power capacity. to ensure the stability of the energy network and reduce the risk of power outages in many areas of the country.

Back in September 2021, China experienced power outages in many areas. as a result of coal shortages causing thousands of homes and factories to lack electricity business was damaged Last year’s prolonged drought led to a sharp drop in hydropower generation and power rationing.

However, increasing the number of coal-fired power plants Causing many parties to worry that China may not meet its carbon emissions reduction targets. by the previous China has set a goal of reaching its CO2 emissions cap by 2030 and becoming carbon neutral by 2060.

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