China and Belarus signed two new cooperation agreements on Wednesday to strengthen the alliance between the two nations in economic matters.

In accordance with Latin PressThe agreements cover agriculture, trade, tourism, health, customs, culture and sports, among other fields.

The signing took place after a meeting held by the president of China, Xi Jinping, and of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

For both nations, the agreements will serve as a complement to the integral association that exists between both nations.

It is expected to come into force in the context of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Progress in China-Belarus ties

According to an official statement, quoted by Prensa Latina, during the talks, Xi highlighted the progress in recent years in ties with Belarus, the consolidation of mutual trust and mutual support in defending sensitive issues for their respective governments.

He mentioned the high esteem that China places on ties with the European nation, defined the friendship between Beijing and Minsk as unbreakable, and called for united and more coordinated work in international spaces such as the United Nations Organization to face global challenges.

Likewise, Xi suggested that Belarus take advantage of the opportunities that are opening up with the modernization process of the Asian giant, to further interconnect their countries and expand economic-commercial transactions.

For his part, Lukashenko highlighted the attachment of both nations to respect and sincerity in their ties, after ratifying the commitment to raise them to higher levels.

He proposed to create joint ventures and modernize Belarusian companies with the introduction of modern Chinese technologies, welcomed more investment from the eastern state and increased people-to-people contact.

Join forces for regional and international stability

Likewise, he expressed his willingness to join forces to maintain security and stability at the regional and international level.

At the meeting, the two heads of state discussed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with Xi ratifying the position in favor of a peaceful solution, reached at the negotiating table and addressing the security concerns of all those involved.

Lukashenko welcomed Beijing’s initiative and considered it of great importance to resolve the situation, the press release added.

The visiting dignitary also held talks on Wednesday with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Parliamentary Leader Li Zhanshu.

Earlier, he gave an interview to the local media, in which he detailed his views on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and insisted that the moment must be seized to end it peacefully.


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