‘Moon’ is a lonely planet. The only one orbiting our planet. It is a star that has been interpreted in many ways. It is both an aid in telling time and the main light on a sunless night. because the moon shines from the light of the sun Its brightness is not enough to cause people on this planet to live a lot. However, a place without the moon is not without light.

Just like the lives of the people in the series. Moonlight Chicken Moonlight Chicken that even without the moonlight shining as it should But that doesn’t mean life is totally hopeless…

Moonlight Chicken Moonlight Chicken Is the latest work of director Aof-Noppanat Chaiwimon from the GMMTV camp that has 6 magnetic actors from the camp together, namely Earth-Phiraphat Wattanasetsiri (Uncle Jim) , Mix-Union Wongrat (Wen), First-Khanaphan Puitrakul (Alan), Khaotang-Thanawat Rattanakitphaisan (Kai Pa), Jemeenine-Narawit Thiti Charoenrak (Heart) and Fourth-Natthawat Jirojthikun (Li Ming) and it is also a work that Off has returned to work with Earth-Mix again. time after the success of A Tale of Thousand Stars in 2021

This series tells the life of Uncle Jim, the owner of ‘Phan Chan Kai’, a night-time chicken rice restaurant where people come and go all the time. Under the hustle and bustle of this shop, Uncle Jim had to bear the burden of many expenses. Whether it’s a big sale fee, raw material costs from a wild chicken shop, sales wages The only employee of the store And also have to take care of his nephew Li Ming, who is about to graduate from Grade 6, so Uncle Jim’s life is nothing more than finding food to feed these people from day to day.

while life goes on Uncle Jim is one of those characters who tends to stick to the old stuff, the old ideas that over time keep him from sticking and moving on very badly. Whether it’s the ups and downs of the relationship with grandson like Li Ming, even though we as viewers still think that this character is quite toxic. Even the relationship between Uncle Jim and Wen The shop’s special customers are still frightened by the heavy knot. stuck in the mind as well

If we compare the moonlight to a bright path, an opportunity in life, or a good love Uncle Jim’s life could be said to have very little moonlight shining down on him. But that doesn’t mean that Uncle Jim has no hopes and dreams.

“My dreams are not romantic. Get out of debt and send your nephew to finish school. I want to try and catch a million. See how it will be.”

In the side of Li Ming, the nephew of the house itself is another character that the moonlight shines. It wasn’t because he was attached to anything. but because he did not know what to cling to more Li Ming was the representative of someone who had yet to find himself. He was just an ordinary teenager. who still do not know what to study or work in the future Although we personally think that Li Ming has something to do in mind. Just don’t dare to tell anyone for fear that other people won’t understand more.

In addition to the relationship of the people in the chicken rice shop that is the core of the story Another very interesting character is Hart, a boy his age like Li Ming who cannot hear. In other words, he had been deaf for about three years. I don’t know anyone and not living like everyone else Hart represents a group that society overlooks and doesn’t understand much about them. It’s just a group of people who have little opportunity to live like normal people. Which the series chooses to create Hart’s character should allow the same group of people as Hart to gain more light and opportunities in society.

This series can be called a testament to the skills of both the crew and the actors. Since the romantic-drama storyline is not the specialty of the camp and the director. But it works well in terms of the relationship and background of the characters. As for the actors themselves, they are quite challenging with roles that are more complex and older than their actual age. It requires talent and hard homework.

The part of the performance that I especially liked was Mix’s performance, which really brought out the dimensions of Wen’s character very well. Whether it’s attitude, way of thinking, communication, including using various bodies as well. Khaotung is another actor who communicates the feelings of the characters very well. Especially the love confession scene in EP 6 that requires many layers of emotions to express your feelings. Which Khao Tang can convey the inner pain of the wild chicken character very well.

Two other rising stars we’d like to mention are Fourth and Jamie Nine. who plays Li Ming and Hart These two characters are people who will face conflict between generations. family relationship problems and a lack of self-understanding Especially the Hart character, who has to add another dimension of being deaf, has to communicate mainly through gestures and eyes. Both of which were made out very well. Although this is their first drama to start filming.

series Moonlight Chicken Moonlight Chicken It’s about to air the last episode on Thursday, March 2nd. It can be said that this year is another quality series from GMMTV that perfectly combines stories of relationships, happiness, sadness, pain and growth. is another series that we want the moonlight to hit and would like everyone to try to go and see

Watch every Wednesday-Thursday at 6:00 p.m. on GMM25 and Disney+ Hotstar.

Preview Moonlight Chicken Moonlight Chicken here:

Image: GMMTV


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