Working from home has very much become the norm for many people over the last couple of years.

For some of us, it’s something we’ve long since got used but for many other people, it’s entirely new ground. If you haven’t got a desk at home, let alone an office chair with cushy lumbar support, or an ergonomic keyboard to ensure that your hands and wrists are comfortable, you might find yourself jury-rigging your home office setup together.

Well, between people’s ingenuity and the irreverent humor that permeates social media nowadays, there are thousands of people out there now sharing their experiences of home working so far, and in particular, shining a light on the downright bizarre offices they’ve built in an attempt to find somewhere comfortable to work.

We’ve scoured Twitter to find some of the best, most impressive and most depraved examples for your enjoyment – check them out below.

Clothes hamper for a desk

Laundry hamper

The vast majority of these solutions were posted in response to an initial Tweet from Jules Forrest, asking what other people had been doing to make their working lives function better at home. Her own solution is pretty elegant, even if it does n’t look particularly comfortable-a clothes hamper takes center stage in what is a very corridor-like environment to work in.

In the original Tweet she wanted to create a thread of everyone’s “best setups” saying:

“Can we do a WFH workspace setup thread, unglamorous edition?

My partner and I are both working from our studio apartment. My setup is a chair in front of the front door and my desk is our clothes hamper.”

A standing desk of real quality

makeshift standing desk

Why use a laundry bin, though, when a real bin could do the job with even more modernity? Standing desks are all the rage, but not many of us have kitted out our houses with one, so when Josh Mateo figured out that his recycling bin made a handy stand-in, he went for it.

A panic-bought desk

bath tissue work desk

Remember when during the height of the pandemic people were panic buying toilet roll? Well, we be you didn’t think this was the use. Brad Cahoon’s 60 rolls of toilet paper might make for a useful standing desk, but they’d find a better home spread out among way more people. For shame!

Get yourself a pup

puppy office worker


Working from home can be lonely if you’re not used to it, but thankfully a lot of us have pets at home that can help to relieve the feelings of isolation. Meghan Feeley’s dog might be annoyed to not be pride of place in her lap di lei, but its delightful little face di lei is a tonic in troubling times.

Some people have made it

fancy office setup


Of course, there will always be people to remind you that your office is nothing compared to theirs – here, that function is fulfilled by Philip Amour, whose desk setup is frankly enviable.

Adjustable desk

height adjustable desk

If you fancy a standing desk, but know that later in a given day you’re likely to want to be sitting, an adjustable desk’s cost might scare you off. Don’t worry though – Life in Capitals has pointed out the perfect solution, in the form of a humble ironing board. Perfect.

Easy access booze

wine rack computer desk

Say you’re working from home and things just start to get on top of you. You probably want to make sure that the moment your shift ends, you’re within arms’ reach of some delicious wine to soothe your soul. Well, Mia’s desk workaround is pretty perfect, in that case.

Use a dog for a desk

dog desk


Why settle for having your dog next to you on the sofa, when a particularly laid-back pup might be happy for you to actually use them as a desk themselves? Especially if it gets them a bit of lovely warmth from your laptop.

More uses for your laundry

laundry basket desk

It would seem laundry bins are really more useful than they might appear – Sabrina Monarch’s basket is perfect as a desk-height booster when it’s upended. A plant pot, meanwhile, is perfect as a microphone stand.

Dysoptian, really

toilet paper hoarder

We like this picture from WildRaider because it feels like a vision of how people are acting like we’ll all have to work – glued to our toilets, with every roll of paper we can get our hands on within easy reach.

Cats can come, too

cat bed desk friend

Okay, we’ve given some love to dogs in this gallery already, but the reality is that loads of us have adorable cat companions, too, and they might be just as thrilled to find that their owners are in and around all day. This picture perfectly shows what we mean.

A setup from heaven

smart home office

Again, for some people the change to working from home won’t be too much of a jolt. If you’re lucky enough to be like David Hermannwith a lovely home office that has natural light and plenty of space, count your blessings!

A truly portable office

Portable Desk Setup


A laptop might be portable, but most desks aren’t – unless you’re using your pickup, that is. Larry Cornett shows the value of a good old-fashion tailgate by showcasing how you can use it as a standing desk in a pinch.

Go rustic with it

barrel desk


Finally, one of the most unique desks we’ve seen in all our browsing comes from Tony P, who’s repurposed what looks like a pretty aged barrel into a delightful standing desk. Expect this sort of thing to hit Instagram in a big way very soon.


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