With humor, Chayanne has taken the existence of a cushion with his stamp that has become a meme on Twitter. «I have seen that many memes uploaded with this pillow, who has it? Send her photo with yours,” the 54-year-old Puerto Rican star wrote on his account on the aforementioned social network along with a photo.

The responses, some hilarious, others romantic, did not wait, reaching more than 3,500 comments in less than 24 hours. As if that were not enough, it achieved 13,300 retweets, almost 210,000 “likes”, in an average reach of 14 million users.

Let’s remember that Chayanne in the blue bird social network has 9.3 million followers and is quite active. Every day, the musician conducts surveys, releases phrases, asks questions, shares photos or simply ideas that end up becoming a minefield for interaction.

From singer to superhero

Although the cushion, with the face and body of the Puerto Rican singer, shown by the artist himself, seemed to be unique, the surprise for him was greater when multiple copies arrived in his comments section.

Photos and videos that showed a memory immortalized as a pillow, some from the bed in quite compromising poses, also served for other users and fans to express themselves in the face of the viral content. Raising decibels, there was even someone who was capable of showing the cushion in the middle of a bed dressed in the shirtless picture of the singer, a whole outburst of fanaticism, without a doubt.

But Chayanne did not just appear winking with his characteristic smile, no. He was also seen as a version of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor or Captain America (all “Avengers”); wearing skimpy bathing suits that left nothing to the imagination; with her face mounted on animated characters like Sailor Moon or Naruto; and even in photographic montages where the user appeared hugging or kissing Chayanne with excessive affection. All in cushion mode.

The expert

It is not the first time that the artist has carried out this type of action to interact with his fans and measure the reach of his brand.

In fact, recently at Carnival Elmer Figueroa Arce -first name of the artist- appealed to something similar on Twitter. An experiment that would end up giving him the opportunity to launch this last action because it was precisely from that moment that he saw how the cushion was repeated and released the survey.

«I open a thread of the best memes that have been made to me. I want to see them all! », He wrote on February 17, achieving almost 2,500 comments.

In this way, the crowd idol found an excellent key to keep in touch with those millions of fans who follow him throughout the planet. Even without the need to stay too active in music because the last song of him, «Like you and me«, premiered it four months ago.


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