Chatthai Phatthana Goes to collect points in the capital city of Suphan Buri Warawut reiterates that he is not only doing it for the people of Suphan Buri, but doing it for the whole country.


Today (February 26) at Banharn Jamsai Witthaya 3 School, Dan Chang District Suphanburi Province Warawut Silpa-archa, leader of the Chart Thai Pattana Party Prapat Phosuthon, secretary-general of the Kanjana Silapa-archa Party, chairman of the party’s steering committee Ministry of Transport Speech campaign for Samerkan Thiengtham, MP, Suphan Buri Province and that candidate for the constituency of Dan Chang district Doem Bang Nang Buat District and Nong Ya Sai District, with Khunying Jamsai Silpa-archa, the wife of Mr. Banharn Silpa-archa, the 21st former Prime Minister, joining to encourage and there were people in the area attending to listen in the full area


Kanjana gave the speech first. Dan Chang District, more than 40 years ago, traveling was still difficult. But there was one person, Mr. Banharn, who came to develop transportation. and bring Banharn Jamsai Witthaya 3 School into the area and many development plans It’s what we will carry on.


Kanjana continued that The 2023 election uses 2 ballot papers, and Suphan Buri Province has more electoral districts from the original 4 to 5 districts, so I would like to request MPs from the Chart Thai Pattana Party District to raise the province and ask for votes for party-list MPs. In Suphanburi province, 4 hundred thousand points or more to send warawut and party-list MPs to work and stressed that Suphan Buri is the home of Silpa-archa Phosuthon’s house and the house of justice Whoever enters is regarded as having the right But the Chart Thai Pattana Party is ready to fight with all its heart.


“When the election comes, some parties want to campaign in Suphan Buri. I want to come and pierce so much There is now a leader of a new political party. brought to Dan Chang District to reduce, exchange, give away, and give away free land, which Kanjana is happy with some of the people who have benefited from his campaign. but would like to say that he came and he went But the political party that will always be with the Dan Chang brothers and sisters is the Chart Thai Pattana Party,” Kanjana said.


Kanjana also stated that this election The Chart Thai Pattana Party nominates Warawut as a prime ministerial candidate. More than 25 MPs in the House of Representatives are required. Raise your voice for Warawut and the Chart Thai Party to make it a landslide.


Warawut said that the past 4 years have proven that The Chart Thai Pattana Party is still strong and strong, especially the two ministers of the party, Ton and Praphat, who are real ministers. And the best in this cabinet and traveled to listen to the problems of the entire country. to make it a policy Especially in the Dan Chang District area, during the past 3-4 years, it has come to help solve the problem of drilling artesian wells for 13 projects, 10 wells per project, and is the main policy of the party to make every village and every sub-district have a large artesian well. Every sub-district does not have to be afraid of drought.


“And one more thing that is the heart of Dan Chang people. Suphanburi Province Ownership has not been controversial for a long time. And it is a conserved forest and 3 years ago, I have done it. Soon, Dan Chang district area In the past it was a forest reserve. We will give the property to the Treasury Department. And allowed brothers and sisters in Dan Chang District to take it for a living for 30-40 years, no one has done it before. This is how the Chart Thai Pattana Party works. Every score given has never fallen into the water. Unlike some parties that come to Suphan Buri Arrive at Dan Chang District Go see Wang Yao sub-district. But it’s the real place of the Suphan people. They are about to give the place to the people of other provinces. People in Suphan Buri will agree or not. How can I give it to someone else? Warawut confirmed that the place of the people of Dan Chang belonged only to the people of Dan Chang,” Warawut said.


Warawut confirmed that Chart Thai Pattana Party Work did not solve the problem only for the people of Dan Chang District and the people of Suphan Buri Province. but working for the whole country and trying to solve problems for the future Today, some parties are proposing something like this. with short-term solutions And go on to cause problems in the future. If anyone loves their children, loves their grandchildren, choose the Chart Thai Pattana Party.

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