Cerveteri and China closer: the meeting with a delegation from Jinhua in the Town Hall


Cerveteri – Moment of cultural and commercial exchange this morning inside the premises of the Sala Giunta of the Palazzo del Municipio in Cerveteri.

A delegation of the Etruscan municipal administration, led by the councilor Francesca Appetiti, by the president of the municipal council Carmelo Travaglia and by the municipal councilor Arianna Mensurati, in fact received the representatives of the city of Jinhua, a prefecture-city of China in the province of Zhejiang, committed these days on a tour of the main Italian cities. Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Ugo Ricci, who mediated and organized the meeting between the two administrations.

The two Delegations shared the experiences of each other’s cities, opening up to a dialogue that could represent a possibility for the future economic and commercial development of the Cerveteri area.

At the end of the meeting, the usual exchange of gifts with the municipal administration of Cerveteri which honored the Chinese delegation with wonderful reproductions of Etruscan art offered by Roberto Paolini of Pithos Ancient Reproductions, a prestigious commercial reality in the city’s historical centre.

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