Cat game Losing Cats Way is now available on Thai store!


New cat game for slaves with the game Losing Cats Way that allows players to adopt a cat to learn and understand them as long as it takes good care of it They will give you precious gifts. The game has a rough system as follows.

basic game system

  • Own a furry friend like no other
    Each cat in the game is different in shape, behavior, strength and personality. You can study their preferences by taking the time to learn.
  • Decorate your home yourself
    You can expand your house and decorate it with each house building system! Decorate your ideal room and explore the cat’s reaction in your beloved home!
  • social system simulation
    There is a system to create different environments, every choice has a different effect on our cats like a social experiment.
  • A warm story that touches the heart
    Read the main story of the game. and other content (Understanding that it is real content from the owner) with constant updates (developers say they want to share the story of their own cats, can contact them)
  • final point of the trip
    The cats in the game grow and spawn cycles, but they can also be found passing away in the diary and greenhouse system. In a greenhouse with sunlight Cattail swaying the wind that blows and the whispering leaves Do you hear the words they say?
  • Healing Art and Relaxing BGM
    Pictured in the game is Healing Art, hand-drawn art that is soft and soothing! And Lydian music that sets the mood! Let tenderness surround your heart!
  • Learn more about cats.
    Protecting animals was our main topic as we designed the “Losing Cats Way”! You don’t just know more about the cats in the game. You can also learn about the illness in our Catpedia! Packed with knowledge written by veterinarians. We hope players gain a deeper understanding of the fluffy friends you have in the real world!

Download the game at

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