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If anyone has a chance to visit Nakhon Pathom Province near the Tha Chin River. You may have seen a large white waterfront house that, when looking in, doesn’t look like being in Thailand. CASA PAPA Home & Space photo studio and an event venue that feels like home. There is also an Airbnb-style room upstairs. Originally, this was an old house that was left unused. But the owner has the idea that he wants to come into the studio. Therefore began to add to the house. but still retains the warmth of the original building in its entirety

Why here?

If talking about photography studios or organizing weddings in Thailand, there are many places. CASA PAPA is one of them because with open space It can organize many forms of events and the building uses an Arch arch as a decorative component. This makes it a signature corner that is open and airy. But still feel warm and relaxed. In addition to hosting events, there are also 6 rooms in the building.

Worth it

Many people may have seen CASA PAPA In the signature corner, which is a wide white hall, there has been an arch that has curved to give a warm feeling. But actually, there are more beautiful photoshoot corners such as the room area. Espresso Room On the second floor, which is connected to the third floor by a spiral staircase, people may think that it is an open hall with nothing, but the beauty of this room lies in the many small windows that allow sunlight or natural light to shine through. Come to make the room look more patterned and dimensional.

Another thing not to mention is that each of the 6 rooms has a different size and decoration, and every room has its own signature openings and corners. We think that the selection of decorations in the rooms here is special. It’s like a decoration that really looks alive. as if someone came to live all the time For example, a room Vanilla (6,500 baht) suitable for girl gangs Because up to 4 people can stay, but if the gang has more people The room can accommodate up to 7 people, with the rest of your friends able to go up to sleep on the 2nd floor, giving an attic feel. But overall it is a room decorated in pink. and decorations that are very feminine. If the girls come to stay, there are many more stocks on IG.

Another room that we are very impressed with. And then I would like to recommend is the room Brown Sugar (6,500 baht) It is a room suitable for the bride and groom. The room has 2 floors. The ground floor is like a living room, an office and a small kitchen. which connects the upper floors by a spiral staircase As soon as I reached the top floor, it was like falling into another place. Because the top looks calm and suitable for relaxation. And the signature corner of this room is inevitable, the bed zone. Because we can see the full view of the bridge and the Tha Chin River. Besides, beside the bed, there is a basin that we can soak in the water. Look at the waterfront lifestyle in a relaxed way.

Good for…

CASA PAPA It should be a place suitable for people who want to host something in a warm and friendly atmosphere. high privacy Or people who want to shoot in an open atmosphere Beautiful natural light, foyer Coconut It answers the question. As for the rooms, there are many types of rooms to choose from. depending on the needs of the individual can stay from 2 couples to the whole gang There are rooms that can be accommodated here.


Open: open every day

Address: next to the cloud bridge Nakhon Chai Si District Nakhon Pathom Province

Facebook: CASA PAPA.Home&Space

Budget: event space 99,000-549,000 baht (depending on room size and package)

Room 3,500-7,000 baht (depending on room size)



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