Carolina Sandoval complains about cyberbullying. The presenter The Venezuelan woman was criticized after promoting the next episode of her podcast “Cuéntamelo todo”. However, her accusation earned her a wave of negative comments among her followers.

“I feel attacked and vulnerable because just as these people write this type of thing, by the way, I invite you to see how many times this person wrote in the previous reel in which I promoted my episode today,” Sandoval denounced in a video. on his Instagram account.

“Imagine that you were walking down the street and a person was saying ‘tell me all about your past. Tell the truth about how you got into the White House.’ I call the police. Hopefully this doesn’t happen from here,” he continued.

«I feel threatened by many people who throughout my career as a content creator and influencer have given themselves the task of creating falsehoods about me, lies, defamations. Hopefully these complaints have a north because this is dangerous, “she concluded.

did not convince

The publication raised all kinds of comments. Surprisingly, most of them were loaded with negativity and even reproaches.

«They live from social networks, they risk their lives for them, and now they feel threatened by any comment, do the people who live from this want to create content or controversy?»; «But if your content is not something that helps us grow, you point out your achievements such as your growth in your company and that of your son… the rest is exhibitionism and gossip, from Clara vs. Shakira, and telling us not to talk about what or comment… then?”, are some of the comments that can be read.

«And it is that YOU TIRED. Already with the same, if you have a luxurious life from this. You talk toooooo”; «Mija, if you don’t want them to tell you the truth, then stop and retire, because if you don’t remember, you lived talking about others and you put everyone on the ground. There is something called karma and it comes sooner or later,” another netizen wrote.


Carolina Sandoval is used to generating controversy. Her way of being on social networks is as loved as she is criticized, especially since many consider that she operates on the edge of what is or is not correct, however, in the midst of those who criticize so much there are always those who defend her cloak and dagger.

“Daughter to foolish words deaf ears,” wrote her mother, Amalia Guzmán. “My Caro, I think they are giving you new business ideas, so that you can bring out a line of dark glasses, since it definitely bothers them how much you shine,” said another.

On several occasions, his followers appreciate his authenticity when it comes to reflecting such natural and private actions through his social networks. The only difference, as the Venezuelan herself has pointed out, is that hers is a “shared privacy”, according to her own words and it is “by her own decision”.

against negative reviews

The driver, last January, raised her voice against bullying her physique. That’s why she started a campaign against negative reviews on social media.

«I think it is important that with the position that one has, you have to tell the person, the person on the street that they do not have to feel bad for not looking under the parameters that (other) people consider. Not to feel bad for not being ‘the most beautiful,’ “she said at the time in an interview with People En Español.

“You are beautiful as you are, you are fabulous and I am going to take care of that (to make women see it. That’s why I want to be remembered: Carolina Sandoval in each post manages self-love and manages body positivity!”, he commented.

It has been through her publications that Carolina Sandoval has been proud of her curves, her way of dressing, as well as her lifestyle.


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