CARNIVAL® x PAÑPURI Collaborate to Create the Exclusive Collection of the Year


This is the first time a collaboration between two brands with unique lifestyles such as PAÑPURI, Thailand’s leading lifestyle brand, and CARNIVAL®, a well-known multi-brand in the Thai street fashion scene. Combining creative ideas to design an exclusive collection of CARNIVAL® x PAÑPURI limited-edition scented candles and reeds. that is ready to take everyone to experience new fragrances in different styles and uniqueness

by CARNIVAL® x PAÑPURI is a woody fragrance. Helps to deliver freshness from a mixture of bergamot. Combining softness from the fragrance of vanilla. Comes with a profound aroma of rare plants such as Guaiac Wood. helps awaken positive energy and increase rejuvenation as well It is a presentation of fragrance through Ambience Candle products, characterized by a matte black ceramic candle glass. The iconic CARNIVAL® graphics are perforated, drawn in perfect harmony with PAÑPURI’s signature peacock emblem. A new, unique and unusual style of gestures was born. It is a limited edition that is worth collecting. In addition, the strengths of both brands are exquisitely and meticulously conveyed in the form of candle glass that uses the Hand Crafted technique to shape the candle glass by the hands of artisans that require great expertise. Inside the candle glass is filled with natural Soy Wax so that the candle burns clean and safe for health.

Perfume Diffuser, a reed diffuser that delivers a blend of pure essential oils. Selected from natural plants to extract a unique fragrance. Ready to be packaged in a unique and modern diffuser bottle. Suitable for decoration to add modernity to the house. no matter where the corner is set up You will experience the fragrance that fills the warm and fresh atmosphere in every moment.

Fans of both brands, if wanting to experience the fragrance in a distinctive style. So don’t miss this limited edition collection with CARNIVAL® x PAÑPURI worth collecting in the form of Ambience Candle (270 grams, price 2,100 baht) and Perfume Diffuser (100 ml, price 2,600 baht) today at Panpuri Boutique at CentralWorld, Central MBA. Ssee, Central Ladprao, Mega Bangna, Siam Center, Gaysorn and PAÑPURI Wellness or online at

Image: Courtesy of PAÑPURI


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