Caracas Retumba concert closed Carnival 2023 activities


The Caracas Rumba con Paz y Alegría concert, held on Paseo Los Próceres, closed the 2023 International Tourist Carnival on Tuesday with the enthusiasm of the audience.

The artists Eukaris, Los Cadillac’s, Diveana, Omar Enrique, Eddy Herrera, among others, were present at the event, informed the mayoress of the Libertador municipality, Carmen Melendezthrough his account on the social network Twitter.

“The concert Caracas Retumba con Paz y Alegría, in Los Próceres, is excellent on the night of this #21Feb, with the joy of the audience and the talent of artists like Eukaris, who stood out interpreting musical themes of the salsa genre,” said Meléndez.

The Mayoress highlighted the performance of the various artists who performed on the stage of the Caracas Retumba, who performed their hits for the enjoyment of the people of Caracas who attended the event.

In this sense, Meléndez said that Eukaris “excelled interpreting musical themes of the salsa genre: while Los Cadillac’s also made Los Próceres vibrate.”

Likewise, he highlighted the participation of the singer Diveana, who spread her rhythm to those present with her performance.

He also pointed out that Omar Enrique performed “his hits at the Caracas Retumba con Paz y Alegría, the night of this #21Feb in Los Próceres».

The artist Eddy Herrera also accompanied the people of Caracas during Caracas Retumba, added the Mayor on her Twitter account.

«Singer Eddy Herrera also in our Caracas Retumba! Los Próceres continue to vibrate with this musical explosion. Everybody dancing,” he said.


For this festival, there was a deployment of more than 360 officials, in charge of guaranteeing the safety of those attending Retumba Caracas.

Award for the best floats

Before the closing concert of the carnivals, Mayor Carmen Meléndez announced the winning floats and comparsas of the Great International Tourist Parade Caracas 2023, in Los Próceres. In the activity, 22 floats from the parishes participated, five institutional and 13 from the state of La Guaira.


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