If there is any pathological effect caused by the boisterous tumult of a concentration of people in front of a stage, it is the deceitful sensation of conducting public opinion that everyone who faces a human mass of such proportions in these conditions suffers.
In the field of theater, perhaps the oldest form of exposure to the human mass from a stage, the “influential figure syndrome” is a chronic pandemic since time immemorial that even goes beyond ancient Greece. An actor who does not believe he is a social reference, even if his role in the staged work is that of a simple tin collector, he is not really an actor. Or cure.

A demanding experience, that of becoming a conductor or leader of the masses when you are on a stage, which even the most daring emerging cadres of political organizations find difficult at first (until their turn comes in the natural decantation that leads to out of that leadership grinding machine that is the political party) assume most of the time, by virtue of the risks that such performance implies in terms of the credibility that must be achieved in the people. Because the speaker is always obliged to respond to an expectation, a need, or a preference that eventually expresses that mass to which he is addressing.

That is why we see more and more singers in the crazy attempt to set themselves up as political referents or leaders, losing credibility before their own audience to the extent that they assume roles for which they are not even moderately trained, neither intellectually nor ideologically, even when , as artists, arouse any capacity for convocation.

Exactly what happens to those renowned artists, like the ineffable Ana Gabriel, who has just received one of the most resounding boos from the public that any artist has ever received at a concert, when she tries to use her musical show to harangue the people. that there he was gathered precisely against those countries where the people are in power today.

Inept as she is in politics, she tried to use people’s money to proselytize the right in which the Latin American peoples believe less and less.
She went from being a famous singer to being a pitiful singer.


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