Fiumicino – Dangerous and without maintenance: some stretches of the canal port quay of Fiumicino I’m at risk collapse. In particular, part of the railing at the mooring of some boats is literally about to collapse due to the moving a block of marble. The most serious thing is that the conditions of the quay are pouring in this state for months, but to date it has not yet been secured.

This represents a danger, not only for fishermen, who are forced to go down the ladders placed right under the railing to board their boats, but also for those who pass by for a simple walk. The port channel was, and still is, theater of sinkings that they have seen the fishing boats are protagoniststhe last one sank a few days ago (read here), moored right there. No certainty on the actual causes or on the fact that the sinkings are due precisely to the canal port. Sure is that the maintenance of the quay, the place where one of the fundamental jobs for the city’s economy takes place, cannot e it must not take second place. More safety is, in fact, what fishermen are asking for, to be able to work without the nightmare that an accident could happen. The safety of everyone, citizens, workers and tourists is at stake.

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