Can this survival title be played on Steam Deck?


It seemed incredible that February was going to leave us with so many great games, and after the successful premieres of Hogwarts Legacy, Atomic Heart and Like A Dragon: Ishin! It seemed impossible that another high-calibre title would be released at the end of the month… until it came Sons of the Forest. Despite being a mere Early Accessthe new from Endnight Games took Steam and Twitch by storm by bringing together millions of users from all over the world.

The developer herself revealed that in just 24 hours more than two million copies of the game were sold, a figure that of course exceeded any of the expectations they had for the debut. Sons of the forest is the new internet sensation, and for this very reason there are so many people asking the same question: Can it be played on Steam Deck?

A bittersweet experience

sons of the forest
  • Can you play Sons of the Forest on Steam Deck?: the answer is yesbut there are several buts to take into account✅❓
  • Many players are reporting all kinds of performance issues when playing on Valve’s portable console❌
  • This situation is so tricky that it is even possible to experience fps drops while playing with graphics on minimum📉
  • In addition they are reporting faudio noises and crashes at the time of building
  • Therefore I would recommend waiting for Endnight Games to release several patches that improve the version for Steam Deckit is clear that this title cannot be enjoyed at ease yet👎🏻

What about the console versions?

Currently Sons of the Forest is a video game that is only being developed for PC. However, it is quite probable that with the passage of time Endnight Games will begin to think about versions for PS5 or even Xbox Series X|Ssince The Forest came to PS4 in its day and turned out to be a success.


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