Cafe Kitsune The famous cafe has opened a new branch to please the chill people who want to sit day and night at Velaa Langsuan. brunch food And also wine with cold cuts.

The Vibe

I must say that the new branch of Cafe Kitsune are more voluminous The shop will have 3 main zones together, which are regular tables. Bar counter zone for those who come

Alone and the outdoor zone pleases people who want to enjoy the atmosphere outside

The Taste

As I said, the new Café Kitsuné branch is not only good at drinks and desserts. But the restaurant has also added a brunch menu. And there is also a large selection of wines and spirits.

For those who want to try the brunch menu, we have 2 items that we would like you to order. Basil And Serrano Ham Quiche (370 baht) The highlight is the fragrant filling of eggs, milk, cheese, contrasting with the crispiness of the outer dough. Resulting in a texture that is soft and crispy at the same time. and the second menu is Croque Monsieur (350 baht) Eat and stay in the stomach a lot. because there is a lot of bread And the stuffing inside is tuna and mayonnaise, the shop’s recipe. This menu is suitable for eating in the morning. or during the day

But this branch is open until 10 p.m. The perfect thing to order a drink in the evening is inevitably a glass of good alcohol. White wine, red wine, to Japanese sake.

That day we tried Wabi Sabi (310 baht per glass) Which is a clear and light red wine, easy to drink, suitable for those who are just starting to drink wine, to pair with Charcuterie and Cheese Board (450 baht) with lots of ham and cheese

Good for

Café Kitsuné This new branch should be suitable for people looking for a place to sit. Maybe work in the afternoon and make an appointment with a friend to sit and chill in the evening in the same restaurant. The restaurant can sit alone because there is a bar counter that faces outside the restaurant. Or if many people come, they can sit in the outside zone. But if coming to sip wine in the evening, we recommend sitting at the outside table because the atmosphere is very good. Not too hot and can also talk loudly.

Cafe Kitsune Velaa Langsuan

Open: Open daily from 10.00-22.00

Address: Velaa Sindhorn Village

Facebook: Cafe Kitsune Velaa

Budget: 150-500 baht



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