Poor Brow José ended up in Manapoco, Anzoátegui state, after allegedly being thrown away by a malicious person who is already under investigation by the Law, after having repeated complaints by this puppy’s family.

The information was confirmed by Mr. Mauricio Zamora himself, owner of the animal, who moved heaven and earth to find the whereabouts of his dog, and in this sense he was listened to by many, including the well-known crime journalist Eligio Rojas, who promoted the complaint and collaborated so that it appeared in this Últimas Noticias showcase.

Likewise, the Misión Nevado team also contributed to the search and articulation so that the case of Brow José was not forgotten and shelved like many others, which are sometimes downplayed for dealing with injustices in animal matters.

In the same way, WhatsApp statuses did their part, Mr. Mauricio comments that the photo of the puppy went viral in such a way that it reached the ears of the generous family that welcomed Brow José, and it was then that the reunion of the furry with their relatives.

Although this story closes with a happy ending, we must continue reflecting on and repudiating those acts that attack and violate animal welfare laws. It is time that people who feel unpunished when they throw away a dog, mistreat a cat or hunt a jaguar are tried for their acts before the law and are left in a very bad light before public opinion. As in this case, for example, that thanks to many Brow José appeared and we still have to wait for the conclusion of the investigations.


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