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World of Warships is getting a host of new content: British Submarines in Early Access, an Australian themed campaign, and the return of Clan Battles.

Mexico City, February 22, 2023 – Wargaming, publisher and developer of the free naval multiplayer game World of Warships, introduces an armada of content in update 12.1. With the arrival of British submarines in Early Access, a campaign with an Australian light cruiser waiting at the end, and a new season of Clan Battles, this update is packed with content. Besides all this, World of Warships has also added a chain of various special combat missions with prizes focused on the Americas region waiting at the finish line.

British submarines dive into Early Access

Starting March 2, three historic British submarines will be coming to Early Access. Undine, Sturdy and Thrasher they will come into the game along with various permanent camouflages and other interesting rewards. These ocean-going ships offer great maneuverability and fast-reloading acoustic torpedoes, though their limited hit points will require players to be skillful with their movements. These submarine ships also incorporate standard submarine equipment such as the “Damage Control Party”, “Underwater Surveillance” and “Hydrophone”.

Along with these additions comes a special chain of collective combat missions that, once completed, will award players with a special commemorative flag and British tokens.

The Queen of the Seas campaign begins

In a three-week campaign format, The Queen of the Seas campaign takes players on a special pirate-themed adventure that follows the path of a bushranger Australian in her attempt to flee the continent aboard a mythical ship. Along the way, players can earn a bunch of Pirate Tokens, a temporary resource that can be exchanged for two valuable prizes: the Australian Light Cruiser brisbane and Commander Matilda Kelly. With a powerful anti-air defense including ten 152mm main battery guns and an increased torpedo armament for underwater destruction, the brisbane he’s a valuable addition to any fleet, and his accompanying Commander Kelly sits at his helm with 19 skill points.

American rewards await

But combat missions are not limited to British submarines. Until the end of February, players can embark on a chain of combat missions which, if completed, will earn a series of all-American rewards, such as the Commander’s Statue of Liberty, equipped with its own voice-over and American tokens. Players can also earn permanent camouflages, a commemorative flag, and other Stars and Stripes flag items in exchange for tokens or through random doubloon packs.

The «Salamander» season of clan battles

To close out the 12.1 update, the game also debuts Season 20 of Clan Battles. Starting February 20 and running through April 10, Tier X warship players will be able to team up and engage in a seven-on-seven battle of might and strategy. As usual, to keep the playing field level, there are a handful of ship restrictions, excluding aircraft carriers and submarines, as well as a cap on battleships.

Update 12.1 also adds another Battle Pass to the game, three more competitions starting February 20, and various visual and technical changes.

For the full list of updates and changes, see the patch notes. here.

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