Bolivarian University of Venezuela will have a new headquarters in Zulia


The Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) has a new headquarters in the state of Zulia, after the signing of a document between the rector of the house of knowledge, Sandra Oblitas Ruzza and the general manager of Logistics and Cantv Service, Landy Rodríguez, through which the Telecommunications grants the temporary occupation of a building located on Calle 75, between Av. 11 and 12, in Maracaibo.

New headquarters of the UBV

The rector of the UBV stated that it is expected that the loan that will allow the house of studies to have a formal space in the Zuliana region will soon be granted.

He emphatically pointed out that with this agreement it is possible to vindicate the struggles of the students and those who work in this institution, because they have remained firm in the midst of harsh circumstances due to the blockade and the sanctions against the country.

Dignification with new headquarters

He recognized the strength of the Zulia university community, which “with a sense of belonging has brought forward this beautiful institution, daughter of Hugo Chávez and the revolution.”

The emotional event also included the participation of the Vice Chancellor of the UBV, Jennifer Gil; the Legal Consultant, Francis Canela, and the director of the Cacique Mara Territorial Geopolitical Axis, José Javier León.

In defense of knowledge

For Rector Oblitas, it is an important historical step to advance in the dignity of the UBV community in Zulia, through the participation of a multidisciplinary team, which includes President Nicolás Maduro; the Minister for University Education, Tibisay Lucena; the Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez y Cantv.

He added that there is also the solidarity of Fundacite Zulia, Unermb, UPTM, Inces, Corpozulia, Corpoelec, Misión Sucre, Infocentro Zulia, Hidrolago, Zodi Zulia, representatives of the ministries of Commerce, University Education, Science and Technology; the Inzit Foundation, Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor, the Maracaibo Metro and PDVSA; that are part of the inter-institutional alliance to strengthen education in the region.

UBV Zulia in constant struggle

For his part, Professor José Javier León, regional director of the Cacique Mara axis (Zulia and Trujillo), pointed out that the UBV has reached 20 years of struggles at the service of the country, the same one that Commander Chávez dreamed of. “In our case, we were forced to leave the original headquarters because it was vandalized. We were received by the Polytechnic University of Maracaibo, then we had to face the pandemic with ingenuity and when we resumed face-to-face, INCES opened the doors for us; like UNERMB and Fundacite”.

León affirmed that “the UBV has faced many attacks and with the crisis we show that together we can overcome ourselves. The postgraduate courses of the Bolivarian universities have the credibility of the people and in the face of threats from the empire, our bastion to defend the homeland is education and unity”.


The UBV was founded by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, according to presidential decree No. 2517 dated July 18, 2003, and created to serve as the tip of the Misión Sucre program.

There are 12 campuses in the country with more than 1,300 university villages, allowing thousands of people to study at the third level. In Zulia, the UBV began operating in the former Rafael Urdaneta University, located in the La Rinconada sector, Campo La Retirada, in the Antonio Borges Romero parish, next to the Country Club.

The Undergraduate Training Programs that are taught at the UBV Zulia are the following: architecture, agroecology, social communication, political studies and government, environmental management, public health management, social management of local development, refining and petrochemicals, oil, gas , and physical education, options that contribute to building Venezuela as a powerful country.


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